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◆Chinese civil aviation develops constantly and rapidly, the scope of transportation is expanding. Since 2005, the total Chinese civil aviation transportation turnover (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) has maintained the second place in the world. The total investment of Civil Aviation Authority during the period of the 12th Five-Year Plan will exceed $ 1.5 trillion, the investment increased by 50% relative to the period of 11th Five-Year Plan, 56 new airports, 16 airports transferred, 91 airports transferred and extended, a total of 163 projects, more than 1,900 aircrafts. It is expected that by the end of period of "the 12th Five-Year Plan", the traffic volume of passengers will reach 450 million people; the number of transport airport will reach more than 220 (175 currently); fleet size rose from more than 2600 currently to over 4500. Local governments will greatly support the development of the aviation industry. By 2020, Chinese civil aviation will achieve over 140 billion tons km of total transport turnover, passenger transport volume over 700 million people, the proportion of passenger turnover will account for 25% in the national integrated transport system. Civil Aviation Administration further proposed to build new generation of civil air transportation system recently, the system will make full use of emerged modern communications, precise positioning, computer networks, computer-aided decision-making and other advanced science and technology to introduce, digest and absorb innovative road. I. Airport construction equipment and technology: ◆Exhibition purposes, characteristics: Establishing a cooperation and exchange of international platform for Chinese and foreign airport industry manufacturers and suppliers to promote China's civil aviation industry. In the sole themed exhibition for China’s Airport Construction, we will invite the civil aviation authority, civil aviation leader, airport operator, airlines operators, investors, developers and suppliers together, commonly exchanging opinions and information, making more and more cooperation partners in this colorful event. Exhibition Agenda: Registration & exhibition: June 08-09 , 2013 Official Exhibition: June 10 - 12, 2013 ◆Products Displayed: 1.Wastewater treatment 2.Hangar design and construction 3.Planning, consulting and construction 4.Technical equipment installation 5.Other activities such as consultation and construction-depot technology 6.Runway design and construction 7.Power supply and cable 8.Waste collection and processing lifting platform, overhead working truck, airport logistics, airport elevator, communications equipment, airport new energy bus and so on. II. Ground support equipment and services: 1. Aircraft engine starter and PCA system 2.Aircraft processing system 3.Aircraft towing 4.Airport service equipment 5. Baggage loading 6.Cargo processing 7.Accident, fire and rescue 8.Loading and unloading systems (crane and lifter board) 9.Mobile cargo processing system (vehicle and push cart) 10.Passenger transport 11 Water supply and toilet truck 12.Other ground support equipment and services- aircraft deicing 13.Aircraft refueling 14.Aircraft wash 15.Baggage handling 16 Baggage transport 17.Food and beverage equipment 18.Conveyer belt technology belt 19.Maintenance (cleaning machine and lawnmower) 20.Passenger handling 21.Power supply 22.Winter service III. Technology system: 1.Aircraft maintenance 2 Environmental control (noise and flight testing) 3.Labeling system 4.Surface treatment 5.Other technologies and services 6.Airport lighting 7.Maintenance system (scaffolding and test bench) 8. Navigation help 9.Tool and equipment IV. Terminal construction and installation: 1. Access technology (door) and control system 2.Baggage handling 3.Baggage scanning, self-service check-in system 4.Cargo processing 5.Check-in system and technology 6.Consulatation 7.Aircraft information display system 8.Loading equipment 9.Parking (all devices) 10.Passenger information technology 11.Public broadcast system 12.Security system (alarm and fire control) 13 Technical installation 14.Warehousing and distribution system 15.Architecture 16. Luggage protection system 17.Baggage cart and management system 18.Process check-in desktop and counter 19.Building 20.Lift and transport channel 21.Lighting and HVAC 22.Control terminal 23.Passengers handling 24.Passengers scanning and monitoring 25.Safety inspection equipment 26.Fixed cargo system and accessories 27. Terminal infrastructure 28.Other technical equipment and services. V. Terminal interior decoration: 1.Ground 2.Store 3.Furniture 4.Decorative materials (faucet, ceramic), etc. 4. Other terminal equipment VI. Related services: 1. Association 2. Property management 3.Other services. VII. Consultation institute: 1. Magazine and information. VIII. Information technology: 1. Air traffic control equipment and technology 2. Baggage management 3 Internet service 4.Traffic and operation management 5. Airport management 6.Cargo management 7.Passenger management 8. Other software and services
Form 2013-06-10 to 2013-06-12
Address:Shanghai World Expo exhibition & convention center
India Warehousing Show 2013, an exhibition and conference for warehousing, materials handling, logistics & supply chain sectors is scheduled from 2nd to 4th May 2013 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India. The 5th edition of the event would feature over 500 latest products, equipments & solutions from all over the globe. Concurrently running 5th India Warehousing Conference will be attended by user as well as service industry decision makers. IWS 2013 is biggest marketplace for the industry and is a must visit event in 2013. Event Highlights: • Over 500 live products & solutions • Co-located India Transport & Logistics Show • Packaging4Logistics zone, featuring packaging technology for logistics • Automation4Logistics zone, featuring automation companies • Supply Chain Zone, featuring 3PL/4PL & supply chain companies • 5th India Warehousing Conference, attended by industry thought leaders
Form 2013-05-02 to 2013-05-04
Address:Pragati Maidan
The 8th China International Rail Transit Technology Exhibition (CRTS China 2012) will be held at the China National Convention Center on April 26-28, 2012. CRTS China 2012 will setup 9 theme pavilions to draw attention over 400 exhibitors, more than 20,000 professional buyers, and the floor space will reach 30.000 sq m. This will make the CRTS China the largest exhibition in rail transit industry in Asia. The exhibits range from Rolling stocks, Electromechanical systems & equipments, Railway infrastructure & construction, Key high speed rail technologies, Heavy haul to Rail interior, Maintenance, care and cleaning service and Tunnel Construction and so forth. In addition, the CRTS China 2012 provides exhibitors and attendees with various concurrent events like China International Conference on Rail Interior 2012, 4th International Summit on High-speed Railway, China-Russia Railway Technology Intercommunions and more… No. of Visitor: More than 20,000 (16502, CRTS China 2011figures) No. of Exhibitor: 400 expected (365, CRTS China 2011figures) Floor Space: 30,000 sq m (25000 sq m, CRTS China 2011figures) Exhibits Categories Rolling Stock Subassemblies and Components Electromechanical System & Equipments Rail Interiors Infrastructure / Railway construction Heavy-duty Traffic Logistics High Speed Rail Key Technology Tunnel constructions Maintenance, Care and Cleaning Service Others Visitor Info Subway construction and operators, Railcar manufacturers, System integrators Engineering construction and contractors, Key equipment manufacturing Tunnel equipment suppliers, Planning and design, supervision and consultation Trade media, Governments & Associations, Import and export trade, specialized educational institutions take part in CRTS China Exhibitor Info Industry brand- names from home and abroad like China CSR Corporation,CNR Group, ITW Construction Products, TVEMA Ltd and so forth all choose CRTS China to show their latest product and top technologies. Contact Any enquires, please feel free to contact Tracy Xiong at Tel: 0086-21-31279833 Cell:0086-18717891421 Email: Add: Floor 3, Shanghai Railway Mansion, No.355 Moling Rd.,Shanghai ,China 20070
Form 2012-04-26 to 2012-04-28
Address:China National Convention Center

  Why do you participate in the“2010 Shanghai International Aerospace Technology and Equipment Exhibition”?

  •While China's aerospace technology faces an unprecedented rapid development, the relevant equipment market appears to be underdeveloped and vulnerable. Your company needs the support and promotion provided by an accomplished professional international exhibition and needs to participate in the development of China’s aviation and aerospace.

  •The exhibition contains various activities and provides a top-level forum for both Chinese and foreign companies.

  •The exhibition ensures that every exhibitor will get a significant effect.

  •At all levels of the social environment, we facilitate communications between civil aviation leaders, equipment purchasing departments, makers of aircraft parts, service providers and developers.

  •Participate in high-end business meetings, share experiences with senior civil aviation executive levels from all over the world, listen to the introduction of local aviation and aerospace developmental programs and catch the first-hand local project information.

Form 2010-12-23 to 2010-12-25
Address:No. 88 Caobao Road
China International Auto Supplies Sourcing Fair (CSAE) 2009
Form 2009-08-17 to 2009-08-19
Address:Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center

  Exhibition Features:

  ·It is a special exhibition on the planned preparations for Shanghai Pudong Airport, Hongqiao Airport and the Hongqiao Traffic Pivotal Project, which will be implemented to accommodate the demands of the Shanghai World Expo 2010, as well as auxiliary projects for the World Expo Alternate Extension, which will demonstrate the relevant technologies and equipment.

  ·At this unique airport construction exhibition, we will gather together civil aviation administrators, airline operators, investors, developers and suppliers, to mutually exchange opinions and make the acquaintance of more cooperative partners in this great event.

Form 2008-06-17 to 2008-06-19
Address:Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center
The event is organised under the patronage of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority and is supported by regional Civil Aviation Authorities and international airport supplier associations. As a dedicated commercial forum for buyers, vendors, consultants and systems integrators from all sectors of airports, airlines and ground service companies, the event allows suppliers to meet with regional civil aviation departments, their consultants and the contractors working on billions of dollars worth of regional airport expansions. Also featuring will be a world-class conference on developing, managing and maximizing the impact of 'Future Airports' including Aviation Security, Air Traffic Control and Ground Handling.
Form 2008-06-02 to 2008-06-04
Address:Airport Expo Dubai

  With the implementation of 11th Five-year Development Program, China has already entered the important period of adjusting opportunities. The international industry capital and brand products are strategically moving into Chinese market, particularly in Yangtze Delta Area, with an accelerative speed. Because there are huge capital, technology, projects, talents and markets are all needed to find the optimum combination, the SMEs meet the wonderful developing opportunities.

  The exhibition area will be 30,000 sqm. The exhibition organizer will invite about 1000 professional purchaser, 10 groups of buyers, 100,000 professional audiences. It will be divided into 5 feature areas: Purchasing & Cooperative Projects for Manufacturing Enterprises Area, international Trade and Invsetment and financing Service Area, Franchise and Chain Store Area, Technology Achievement Transfer Area, Management for SME Area.

  Exhibition Areas:

  Purchasing Cooperative Project for Manufacturing Enterprises Area Cooperative service for large and medium-sized enterprises of domestic and abroad; Regional Industry Investment; Characteristic Products & Resource exploitation

  Import & Export Trading and the Service of International Investment and Financing Area Investment projects promotion of business groups of more than 10 countries and regions; the related services of international trade agencies;

  Franchise and Chain Stores Area The projects of investment, such as franchise, patent brand, monopolistic stores, direct selling, distribution agency etc.

  Technology Achievement Transfer Area New inventions, new products, new technologies, new materials and new projects

  Management of SMEs Area Consultative services for carving out and investment; Modern services industry such as Human resource training

Form 2006-10-25 to 2006-10-28

  Event Profile: China Electric Power & Electric Automation Exhibition is devoted to providing a valuable forum for owner/operating companies committed to retaining generating assets and/or acquiring new capacity.

  Visitor's Profile: Power generating electric utilities, Non-regulated power generators, Power industry project developers, Energy service providers, Energy Services, Power and energy marketers, Coal, natural gas and other fuel suppliers, Power industry OEMs, Research & development organizations, Government energy and regulatory departments are the target visitors.

  Exhibitor's Profile: Various power generation technologies& equipment including renewable energy, such as natural gas, wind, terrestrial heat, solar energy etc / power transmitting & distributing technologies and equipment/ electric transformer& raw materials of plant construction/electric communication technologies& equipment/de-sulphur & de-acid tech& equipment/electric automation & control tech & equipment/ electric power IT and the integrated tech/ medium& low voltage products.

  Products: natural gas, wind, terrestrial heat, solar energy etc / power transmitting & distributing technologies and equipment/ electric transformer& raw materials of plant construction/electric communication technologies& equipment/de-sulphur & de-acid tech& equipment/electric automation & control tech & equipment/ electric power IT and the integrated tech/ medium& low voltage products.

Form 2007-04-12 to 2007-04-14

  There were more than 600 enterprises home and abroad from Germany, South Korea, France, the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and 18 domestic provinces. The exhibition area was over 20,000 square meters with above 1,000 international standard booths. Display exhibits covered 18 kinds, 8000 species such as the optical, optoelectronic instrumentation, opto-electronic materials, telecommunications and home appliances. It was known as a top-notch event in the optoelectronic industries. With distinctive features, the transaction of the expo was quite fruitful. The academic exchanges interacted and integrated with the latest products and technology. The integration supporting activities were abundant. People from all circles visited the expo enthusiastically. Wang Daheng, Mu Guoguang, Cao Jianlin, and several Nobel laureates presented and highly praised the exhibition.

  ●Exhibition scope A, Optical components and instruments exhibition district. Including: optical materials, optical components, optical devices, optical processing and testing equipment, optical coating technology and equipment, clean room engineering and product; B, Optoelectronic components and equipment district. Including: optoelectronic components, optoelectronic materials, optoelectronic devices, optical storage equipment, solar photovoltaic products. optocouplers and its application products, photoelectric detection equipment, analytical instruments, optical and fine processing equipment, optical and optoelectronic products manufacturing equipment, optoelectronic medical equipment and apparatus; C, Laser and infrared products district, including: Laser and infrared material, laser devices and laser applications, laser processing equipment; infrared sensors and infrared equipment; D, Optoelectronic display and semiconductor lighting district, Including : Flat Panel Display (LCD, LED, PLED, OLED PDP etc) products and parts, materials, integrated products; other optoelectronic display products and applications products; Semiconductor Lighting (LED) device and application products; E, Communication technologies and products district. Including: optical communications equipment and systems, Optical Communication Devices, optical detection and monitoring equipment, optical communication network engineering equipment; terminal products and test equipment of the mobile communications system, the third generation mobile communication systems, wireless internet technologies and products, other new communications technologies and products; F, Automotive electronics district. Including: automotive electronic components and parts, automotive ECU, automotive electronic applications, vehicle optoelectronic products; G, Software, digital animated cartoon district. Including: software design platform, digital animated cartoon software technology and production, video games and software, network game platform; H, Optoelectronic technology district. Including: the Results Exhibition of the Development of Information Technology Innovation; Optoelectronic Technology Exhibition; the Results Exhibition of Changchun National Optoelectronics Industry Base.

Form 2007-06-15 to 2007-06-17
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