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★Agents, Dealers and Buyers In order to offer better services for agents and dealers, please fill in and submit the Agent Intent Application. The organizing committee will submit it to related manufacturers or general agencies and make every effort to promote your business cooperation. All dealers who submit the Agent Intent Application are entitled to get CD-ROM about exhibitors’ catalogue for free and enjoy free promotion in six months with exhibition official website. Meanwhile, we will often post you the newest product information for enabling you to understand Industry dynamics at any time. ★ Professional Visitors 1. Dealers, agents, clients, application service providers, logistic warehouses and high-end edible oil suppliers with good ratings; 2. Wholesale markets for grain and oil, large supermarkets, edible oil chain stores, gift shop, community chain supermarkets, large food and drink institutes etc; 3. The organs veteran Bureau and Beijing organs directly under the Department veteran, Beijing army retired cadres, Commercial Department of Embassies in china, Provincial liaison offices in Beijing, SASAC central enterprise union system etc; 4. Foreign purchasers located in China,Import and Export trade Companies, colleges and institutes, Industry associations,enterprises technical staff, Senior Manager etc; ★ Exhibition products items 1. High-end edible oil:Camellia oil, Olive Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Sunflower Oil, Camellia Oil, Walnut Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Flax Seed Oil and other High-end Nutrition Oil 2. Nutrition edible oil: Nutrition peanut oil, Nutrition soybean oil, Nutrition blend oil,Nutrition salad oil, double low Rapeseed oil 3. Special healthy edible oil:grape seed oil, coconut oil, mustard oil, almond oil, wheat-germ oil piper ales seed oil, month amaranth grass oil, garlic oil, hazelnut oil,perilla seed oil,pumpkin seed oil,tomato seed oil, safflower oil, deep sea fish oil, milk thistle oil, cedar seed oil, delicate cotton oil, corn oil, canola oil, pine-seed oil, poppy-seed oil, silkworm pupa essential oil, pomegranate seed oil, lycopene edible oil, patent edible oil; 4. Many kinds of flavored oils: refined palm oil, sesame oil, pepper oil, prickly ash oil, mustard oil, chives oil, red spicy oil, ginger oil, noodle seasoning oil, chicken bone oil, bone oil, composite flavor oil, fish sauce flavor oil, butter oil, animal flavored oil, black pepper oil, barbecue flavored oil, Frozen food flavored oil, fresh scallop flavored oil, spicy oil, spice oil, powder flavored oil etc; Nut edible oil and all kinds of high-grade health oils, nutrition oil etc; 5. Various oil-bearing crops: sesame, sunflower, camellia seed, corn-germ, rice bran oil, Wheat Germ, Perilla seed, linseed, almond, Pine Nuts and other special raw materials; 6. Oil Equipments for: Pressing, Splitting, Transporting, Filling, Packing, Metering, Printer,capping machine, Sealing machine, container, plastic machine and Plastic oil bottle,bottle cap,label packaging, packing design, advertisement design, brand promotion, packaging equipment etc;
Form 2013-10-20 to 2013-10-22
Address:Shanghai International Exhibition Center
The 16th FOODAGRO 2012 - International Trade Exhibition on Food, Hotel & Kitchen is the largest trade event held annually in Tanzania, the hub of the vast East African market.The exhibition attracts exhibitors from more than 30 countries and visitors from all over East & Central Africa, thus giving exhibitors an excellent opportunity to explore several countries in one time.
Form 2012-05-20 to 2012-05-22
Address:Diamond Jubilee Hall, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
8th China (Shanghai) International Olive Oil& Edible Oil Industry Expo (2012) Date: April 9th - 11th, 2012 Venue: Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center, China Website: Theme: Safe, Healthy, Nutrition, Green Focus: China’s most authoritative oil, olive oil, public service trade cooperation and professional brand-building platform! Approved by: Ministry of Commerce of P.R.China Supported by: Ministry of Agriculture, P.R, China General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of P.R.China Sponsored by: China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Asia Healthcare&Nutrition Promotive Commission Asia Economy Trade&Development Center International Olive Oil Industry Association Supported Media: China Food Newspaper Food Quality Grain Marketing Organized by: Beijing Haiminghuibo Conference Exhibition Co., Ltd Specially Supported by: Spain Embassy Italy Embassy  Greece Embassy Spain Foreign Trade Bureau Portugal Olive Association World Olive Oil Council Italy International Trade Commission Fat Research Branch of China Grain Society Oil Asia Advantages: ※The most attractive cities: As China's economic center, Shanghai has become the first major exhibition cities, professional exhibition held in Shanghai, effects of radiation around the world, while Shanghai is the world's top 500 enterprises in China's headquarters, the Shanghai Expo will attract more domestic and overseas dealers. ※ High-level exchange platform: Held in conjunction with industry, industry development forum for the sustainable development of enterprise solutions.※ Huge audience database: Familiar with the edible oil industry, 50,000 professional visitors exhibitors database is a strong guarantee for the actual show results. Oil Asia Activities: ※International High-End Edible Oil Development Summit Forum, 2012 ※Olive Oil Brands Promotion Meeting, 2012 ※Tea Oil Brands Promotion Meeting, 2012 ※1st Olive Oil Babe Model Tournament and Walk Show of "Olive Oil" Cup Oil Asia Awards: 2012 Oil Asia awards event will be held in the Assembly Awards "Gold"; "New Products" award; "Quality Product" award; "safe and healthy nutritional edible oil certificate" (related to the conditions and fees please eligible to request the General Assembly staff )
Form 2012-04-09 to 2012-04-11
Address:Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center, China

  Products Focus

  Aquatic products, Frozen and fresh seafood products, dried goods, quick-frozen goods, frozen aquatic product processing, caviares, canned fish, air-adjusted fresh-keeping products, microwave oven processed products,etc.


  The Shanghai International Fisheries & Seafood Exposition (SIFSE) is an international exhibition sponsored by Shanghai Municipal Government and Shanghai Fisheries Trade Association, aiming at promoting fisheries and seafood products in China market especially the rich eastern China region. It is an annual event held in Shanghai since 2006, with buyers and exhibitors from over 30 countries in the world each year. The 7th SIFSE will be held in Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center on Dec 6 - 8, 2012. On behalf of the organizing committee of this exhibition, we cordially invite your participation to meet 16, 000 industry professionals in Shanghai!

Form 2012-12-07 to 2012-12-09
Address:No. 88, Caobao Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai 200235


  Palmex Malaysia 2011 is the industry event for both upstream and downstream palm oil companies in the region.This International event is projected to bring together in 2011,more than 5000 industry professionals to visit the strategic,operational and technology aspects of the Sabah and Asean's palm oil industry .The international character of Palmex 2011 presents unparalled marketing, education and networking opportunities .Palmex Malaysia 2011 offers you the ideal platform to explore new palm oil related business opportunities,expand your market precense and penetrate emerging market in Sabah,Malaysia.

  General Information

  - Admission is restricted to trade professionals only and there is no charge to visit the exhibition. Please refer to our conference information for delegate costs. - To register for a visitor badge to visit the exhibition, you can do so online before show days, or on show days with your business card. - Visitor badges are non-transferable due to security reasons. You may be asked by security personnel to present proof of identification before entry into the exhibition. - Minors aged 16 years and below will not be allowed entry into exhibition halls. - All visitors must be in proper attire. Those in shorts and slippers will not be allowed entry. - The Organiser reserves the right to refuse admission to visitors who are not appropriately dressed

Form 2011-07-27 to 2011-07-29
Address:Community Hall, 90000 Sandakan, Sabah


  Supply Side East has a proven track record of exponential growth since its inception in 1997. With the addition of Food Product Design into the marketing mix, this truly is your premier selling opportunity.


  Biotechnology Companies, Dietary Supplement Companies, Distribution, Food Manufacturers, Government, Marketing & Sales, Medical Institutes, Nutrition Companies, Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Research & Development Institutes, Retailers, Universities are the target.


  Profile for exhibit include Alcohol and Phenols, Amino Acids, Antioxidants, Bulking Agents, Cheese Products, Culture and Fermentation Starters, Dairy Products, Egg Products, Enzymes, Fats & Oils, Fat Replacers, Fibres, Flavours and Aromas, Flavour Potentiators, Fruit & Vegetable Products, Ginseng, Hydrocolloids, Lactic Acid Bacteria, Organic Ingredients, Proteins, Salt Replacers, Seasonings, Soya Products, Stabilizers, Starches, Sweeteners, Yeast, Vitamins & Minerals.

Form 2011-05-02 to 2011-05-04
Address:Meadowlands Exposition Center, Secaucus, United States Of America


  The Vietnam International Agricultural Trade fair- Agroviet is the great annual show of Vietnam Agriculture industry. The Vietnam International Agricultural Trade fair- Agroviet will be held between 12-16 May 2010 inclusive in Hanoi, Vietnam. The event will provides latest information, open up the chances of selling the agricultural, forestry and aquatic products in Vietnam market.


  Profile for exhibit includes Agricultural products:-rice, tea, coffee, cashew nuts, pepper, clean and fresh vegetables and fruits, Aquatic products and breeding animals:- Livestock, poultry, and aquatic, Nutrition food:- Milk and dairy products, Forestry Products:- Wood, bamboo and the yield from the forest, Agricultural materials:- Fertilizers, insecticides and preservative, Biochemical finished products, Traditional handicraft products

Form 2010-11-11 to 2010-11-14
Address:The Exhibition Fair, Hanoi, Vietnam


Due to the careful cultivation of the last eight fields and the strong support of professional visitors, we have made great progress and been recognized as the largest, most popular and most efficient professional pageant in food industry.

General Information

China International Food and Guangzhou Import Food Exhibtion 2010 which has been supported by China Nutriment Industry International Communication Association and Guangzhou Health Care Food Association will be held in Guangzhou Jinhan Exhibition Centre during Sep15-17, 2010, aim to provide a platform for Chinese consumers to learn more about food industry and aslo provide a business site for traders, investors and producers to share experience , investment and cooperation in China. Our exhibition has been held twice a year in Guangzhou, which is the the biggest food professional exhibition in south of China. There were more then 500 exhibitors and more than 70,000 visitors from 30 countries and regions in our exhibition. And more than 50,000 new products, technology and service have been showed.

Attendee Information

the organizers will invite supermarkets and whole-sale markets,wholesale,distributors from all of the county to purchase and and the foreign visitors are from more 30 countries.

Exhibitor Information

Asia Games will be held in November in Guangzhou which will attach 20,000,000 audiences from all over the world. We will make great efforts to invite purchasers from Taiwan, Macao and Hong Kong. With the strong support of oversea exhibition organizers and Guangzhou foreign embassy, we have invited the visiting group from Malaysia, Viet man, Japan, Korea, Singapore, France, Germany, America to exhibit

Form 2010-09-15 to 2010-09-17
Address:No.119 Liuhua Road, Guangzhou

China International Consumer Goods Fair (CICGF), approved by the State Council, co-sponsored by Ministry of Commerce PRC and Zhejiang Provincial People's government, is the largest professional international consumer goods fair in China, which ranks only second to Canton Fair among all the exhibitions sponsored by Ministry of Commerce.

CICGF is held in the famous harbor city of Ningbo June 8-12 every year. Eight sessions have been successfully held since 2002. Renowned as one of the most important windows of opening up to the outside world in China, Ningbo is an important foreign trade harbor city. In 2008, the import and export trade volume of Ningbo reached USD 67.84 billion, with an increase of 20.1%; The export volume was USD 46.33 billion and the import volume was 21.51 billion. Ningbo's import and export volume ranked the 2nd position among the nation’s 5 specially designated municipalities and the 3rd position among the 15 sub-provincial cities. The import and export volume of Ningbo port reached a new high of USD 140 billion, with an increase of 25.5%, the cargo throughput of Ningbo port amounted to 361 million tons, ranking 2nd position in China and in the world, and the container throughput of the port exceeded 10.84 million TEUs, ranking 8th position among all the world's ports.

With an exhibiting space of 90, 000 sqm, 4000 booths will be set up at CICGF 2010, which will be divided into the following 8 exhibiting sections: Household textiles and garments; Home appliances and electronics; Furniture and office supply; Sports, travel and recreation products; Articles of daily use; Arts-crafts and gifts;foodstuffs; Overseas exhibits and trade service. Well-known enterprises, famous brands and new products from home and abroad will attend. It will be an ideal occasion for business people from all over the world to exchange information and to promote business.

Form 2010-06-08 to 2010-06-11
Address:Ningbo International Conference & Exhibition Center

Agriculture is undoubtedly the largest livelihood provider in rural India. As we enter a new post WTO Scenario and IT revolution, new inventions are happening day by day in every sphere. Agriculture is not culture now, it is Agri Business! Agriculture constitutes over 25% of India GDP. In recent years much emphasis has been given by The Ministry of Agriculture on commercializing agricultural production in the country. Adequate production and distribution of food has become a high priority and global concern. In the fast changing world and increasing competition in a globalised economy, there is a need of exploiting the available resources at maximum level and use of best technologies available world over, to cope with domestic demand of food and also to target export market.

To demonstrate the technology and to highlight the Indian strength, we Media Today Group are launching International AgriTech India 2009 on 5th to 7th Dec 2009 in Bangalore.

This will be particularly relevant in South India, where farmers grow a number of crops, but face problems in enhancing production and productivity because of inadequate exposure to high technology and inputs as also to advanced production practices, logistics and marketing. The growers in southern region, undoubtedly as hardworking as elsewhere in the country, are handicapped by the fact that not many major international exhibitions and conferences are held there. The International AgriTech India 2009, therefore, seeks to address this problem seriously.

New technology and advances in agricultural practices has become all the more important against the backdrop a series of programmes that have been launched by the government of India, to attain 4 per cent annual growth in agriculture and to double the production of horticulture crops in the on-going eleventh five-year plan...

Form 2009-12-05 to 2009-12-07
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