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  It is last to look back Nanjing phoenix exhibition Co., Ltd. "The 4th Jiangsu International Machine Tool and Mold Exhibition" held in March, 2008 was attended by nearly 300 participants from U.S.A., France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan, South Korea, China Taiwan and mainland. There are nearly 1000 equipments being present at the exhibition, which attract over 28000 buyers and visitors and enter into the deal of nearly 100million yuan. Exhibition is the extensive support from over 200 magazines and websites, The ginseng satisfactory degree of show business for this exhibition reaches 95% more, The machine Tool and Die&Mould exhibition is the largest exhibition of the kind being held over recent years in Nanjing, characterized by the highest grade and the best arrangement for buyers. we with reliance on the persistent and professional spirits available with "Phoenix Man", build another brand–"Phoenix Machine Tool and Mold Exhibition".

  Market prospect

  With the good and rapid development of economy, China's manufacturing industry is experiencing rapid growth. Known as "the Processing Base of Global Manufacturing", Jiangsu Province boasts the well-developed machinery manufacturing in his areas, such as Hefei, Wuhu, Maanshan, Chuzhou, Bengbu, etc. Automobile and component, electronic and instrument appearance, machining, mechanical production and mould are made, boat, war industry, spaceflight and the professions such as metallurgy and numerous build extension recently skill alter project for machine tool, work mould and related supplemental equipment demand strong. There are broad prospects in the market. Meanwhile. Developing swift Nanjing market, development than maturation Su south market, burgeoning development Su the Anhui market that north market and Nanjing radiate have become the sales that the work mould manufacturer of machine tool most values market. The 5th Jiangsu International Machine Tool and Mold Exhibition in Nanjing conduct must bring rich repayment to ginseng show business!

  Relocate to new exhibition

  Located at the junction of subway line #1 and #2 in Hexi New Downtown, The Nanjing international exposition center that investment three billions Yuan builds recently locates in river west new the city proper to Yangtze River Bridge, the 2nd Yangtze River Bridge, the 3rd Yangtze River Bridge, the tunnel across the river, railway station, airport. The Center has the exhibition hall of 160,000m2, able to accommodate 6000 standard exhibition booths. The exhibition hall is built in single-floor pillar-free structure with big span of 14-22m in net height so that the vehicles and equipments can be delivered to the hall without any difficulty. The international exhibition center is designed to adopt the up-to-date concept, highlighting the extraordinary style of "Tigers crouching and dragons curling" and new outlook and advanced devices in place as well. It is the 2nd modernized large exhibition hall in the eastern region, following Shanghai New International Exhibition Center. The relocation of The 5th Jiangsu International Machine Tool and Mold Exhibition to the new exhibition hall is aimed to provide a more accessible, broader and comfortable environment for participants and visitors.

  Rebuild the brilliance

  "The success of the 4th Machine Tool and Die&Mould Exhibition" has been well recognized by the department in charge, related enterprises and media. The 5th Machine Tool and Die&Mould Exhibition will still be held by Jiangsu Machinery Industrial Association, Jiangsu Machine Corporation, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Nanjing office, China Chamber of International Commerce Nanjing office, We will "Phoenix Man", based on the adoption of advanced concept, is rich to do show experience and extensive ginseng show resource, is professional exhibition to buy domestic information and customer supreme service consciousness, with your ultimate assistance, "the 5th Jiangsu International Machine Tool and Die&Mould Exhibition" will create the new brilliance!

  The participation in the exhibition by enterprises from home and abroad will be greatly appreciated, Open up market!

Form 2008-09-10 to 2008-09-12
Address:Nanjing International Expo Center

  Approved by : Department of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of Guangdong Province Sponsors: Guangdong Cuisine Association Guangdong Hotel Articles Association Guangdong Hotel General Manager Association China Western Food Culture Association Flower City International Exhibition Co.,Ltd Organizer: Guangzhou Huazhan Exhibition Co.,Ltd. Co-sponsors: Guangzhou Shaxi Int'l Hotel Article City

Form 2008-06-26 to 2008-06-28

  Metal + Metallurgy China is composed of two leading exhibitions at the same time and place: Metal China 2008 - the 9th China International Foundry, Metalforming and Industrial Furnace Exhibition and Metallurgy China 2008 - the 11th China International Metallurgical Industry Expo. This year Metal + Metallurgy China is being held in conjunction with the China International Casting Exhibition, bringing more opportunities and attention to the venue.

Form 2008-06-03 to 2008-06-06
Address:Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC)

  IAC,TME+SENSOR, is the only event that hosted by Chinese Association of Automation (CAA). It has enjoyed high reputation and said as to be one of the most influential exhibition in Asia.With 11 years’development and progress, the scale of IAC,TME+SENSOR has enlarged gradually from the exhibiting space of 7500 M2 at beginning to 25000 M2 at present, from 151 exhibitors originally to 611 exhibitors this year. It has not only gained much support from many industrial association all over the world, such as AMA and NuernbergMesse of Germany, Amiex of Korea…, and has also been listed as one of the Powerful-trainning professional exhibitions by Shanghai Government.

Form 2008-06-04 to 2008-06-06
Address:Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center
The first international and professional exhibition on machinery trading —India international machinery and equipment exhibition, which was successfully organized by Worldex G.E.C in May,2007, will launch its second show in Mumbai, the firstly biggest city in India at BEC Exhibition Center from May 15th to 17th, 2008. At that time, exhibitors from China Taiwan, Korea, South-East Asia, Europe and India will attend this show. It is predicted that the coverage of the exhibition would exceed last year.There were 180 standard booths in the show of 2007, and the coverage of the venue was around 4000 square meters. Our 3-day exhibition attracted more than 6000 buyers to come over; moreover, we were honor to have the media focally report and draw dramatic and high attention from the mainstreams medias especially in commercial and trading fields.Our exhibition also receives greater supports from the famous relevant associations in India such as: AIAI (All India Association of Industries), CII (Confederation of Indian Industry), BAI (Builder’s Association of India), India Machine Tool Builder’s Association, AIPMA (AII India Plastics Manufacturer’s Association), India Metal-Cutting Manufacturer’s Association. We will enlarge the scale of our show in 2008, it is estimated that the coverage would exceed 6000 square meters, and the number of exhibitors would increase 50% to 80% accordingly.
Form 2008-05-15 to 2008-05-17
Address:Hall6, Bombay Exhibition Center

  The China International Water Supply & Drainage and Water Treatment Exhibition (WSDWTF) has been held annually in Shanghai since 1999. WSDWTF is one of the most famous international water shows with the largest scale in China. It has not only attracted many domestic water industry exhibitors and visitors, but has also attracted many participants from North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific who are willing to enter the Chinese market. With the perfect combination of specialization and integration, localization and internationalization, WSDWTF has become the most influential water event in China. Sponsored by Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences, China Association of Environmental Protection Industry and Shanghai Water Purifying Technology Institute, organized by Shanghai ZM International Exhibition Co., Ltd.(the former Shanghai ZM Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.), WSDWTF 2008 (The 9th China International Water Supply & Drainage and Water Treatment Exhibition), will be held on Apr.27th -29th, 2008 at Intex Shanghai and Shanghai Mart. It is estimated that the total exhibition floor space of WSDWTF 2008 will reach to 30,000 sqm, with 750 exhibitors, approximately 1,200 booths. There is no doubt that WSDWTF 2008 will present to you a great fair with a strong pool of brands.

  Decision makers from related department of government and non-governmental organizations, environmental protection bureau leaders, urban construction/planning bureaus, environmental protection motoring centers, water treatment factories, scientific research institutes, colleges, engineering entities, designing units (designing institutes), related associations and experts.

  ÆWater supply& drainage (municipal planning, architecture, industry, fire control): Monitoring facilities and constructing technologies; valves, pumps, seals, frequency-converting equipment for water supply, damping/separating vibrations, heat preservation materials & equipment;

Form 2008-04-27 to 2008-04-29
Address:Intex Shanghai and Shanghai Mart

  Event Profile:Mold & Die is a basic industry as well as technical industry, more fitting for operation at small enterprises than at Trust styles. Thus, Mold & Die industry is apt to develop and endure in Taiwan, based on the fact that Taiwan has been renowned for its small-and-medium-sized enterprises.

  Visitor's Profile:Trade Visitors only - Product Manager, Product Developer, Designer, Constructor, Production, Purchase and Sales Manager, Professionals related to the field of machine tools, components & accessories, precision tools & other related products are the target visitors.

  Exhibitor's Profile:Profile for exhibit include Metal-cutting machine tools, physico-chemical process machine tools, other machines, precision tools, metrology and quality assurance, robots, workpiece and tool handling, software, computer systems and peripherals-parts, components and accessories, services, organisation, publishers.

Form 2007-08-23 to 2007-08-26
Address:Taipei, Taiwan

  Event Profile:China Die-casting & Foundry Technology & Equipment Exhibition (CDFE 2007) will provide you a timely and efficient, multi-faceted exchanges and cooperation platform for business interaction, enable you to seize new opportunities and win customers, further your understanding of the industry, consolidate and improve your favorable position and advantages in the world competition, and grasp the future.

  Visitor's Profile:Trade Visitors only - Product Manager, Product Developer, Designer, Constructor, Production, Purchase and Sales Manager, Professionals related to the field of machine tools, components & accessories, precision tools & other related products are the target visitors.

  Exhibitor's Profile:Profile for exhibit include cold chamber die-casting machine, hot chamber die-casting machine, low-pressure casting machine, extrusion press, auxiliary equipment, environmental protection and safety technology, Casting products and manufacturing technology smelting, heat treatment equipment and energy-saving technologies for foundry environment, labor protection equipment and supplies for foundry, Precision Casting, Other special products and foundry equipment.

Form 2007-08-21 to 2007-08-23
Address:Tianjin, China

  Event Profile:Korea Machinery Fair-Shanghai (KOMAF Shanghai) is designed to bring buyers and sellers together for three days of productive interaction. This is just rightly timed as one-stop-destination for all kinds of machinery to be sourced from.

  Visitor's Profile:Design engineers, machinists, top-level management, production managers, facilities and maintenance personnel, & other related industry professionals & General Public are the targer visitors.

  Exhibitor's Profile:Profile for exhibit include metalcutting & metalforming machines, measuring equipment, EDM, tooling CAD/CAM, lasers, cutting tools, drilling, finishing and other manufacturing and industrial products.

Form 2007-07-25 to 2007-07-28
Address:Shanghai, China

  Event Profile:India Machine Tools Show is a unique opportunity and offers international facilities for exhibit display, Joint Ventures and Collaboration, Business Communications, Publicity, Liaison with Government and has open access to the Global Markets. It offers the latest developments and technologies for promotion and growth of Engineering, Machinery and Machine Tool Industry.

  Visitor's Profile:The absolute leading trade fair for the sector and venue for the highest provider and user competence, exhibitors from all over the world once again will put their efficiency and innovative power to the test before the best qualified international specialists.

  Exhibitor's Profile:Profile for exhibit include Machine Tools, CNC, SPM, Machine Tools, Hand Tools, Cutting Tools, Power Tools, Testing & Measuring Instruments, Pumps, Valves, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Compressors, Chemical & Pharma Machinery, Gears, Motors, Drives, Material Handling, Machinery, Machine Tools, Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation, Welding & Welding equipment.

Form 2007-07-24 to 2007-07-27
Address:New Delhi, Delhi, India
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