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Vietnam Telecomp/ Vietnam Internet & IT/ Vietnam Electronics is the largest and most influential ICT, Mobile and Electronics platform in Vietnam. With Ministry of Information and Communications Vietnam (MIC) as Steering Organization, the trio expos receive strong support and recognition from leading local and overseas telecom operators, global renowned ICT corporations, and professionals in ICT and electronics industries.
Form 2013-11-20 to 2013-11-23
Address:Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC), HCMC, SR Vietnam

  SNEC 5th (2011) International Photovoltaic Power Generation Conference & Exhibition [SNEC (2011) PV POWER EXPO], which was approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China and jointly organized by 15 international associations and organizations, came to a successful end on February 24, 2011. Photovoltaic companies from 90 countries and regions such as Germany, UK, France, USA, Canada, Japan, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Holland, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Singapore, South Korea, Russia, India, Taiwan, etc. Gathered in Shanghai for this grand occasion. 1, 838 exhibitors, 150, 000 sq. Meter exhibition space and over 180, 000 visitor attendances have made SNEC (2011) PV POWER EXPO once again break the record of PV exhibitions previously held in Asia. As the economic center of China, the world’s largest developing country, as well as a metropolis that has witnessed advanced technologies and market forces, Shanghai has naturally become the best business hub for PV-related aggregation, communication and expansion in China, Asia, and even the world. At SNEC 2011, the industrial experts, scholars and entrepreneurs gathered here to discuss extensively on the trend of the solar and PV market, industry development strategies, policy directions, cutting-edge technologies, and so on. It has been recognized that, the advantageous geographical location, strong government support and PV companies’sensitivity to the Shanghai market compose the three important backbones for the rapid development of SNEC PV POWER EXPO. Upon the previous success of five SNEC events, Shanghai New Energy Industry Association (SNEIA) plans to hold SNEC 6th (2012) International Photovoltaic Power Generation Conference & Exhibition [SNEC (2012) PV POWER EXPO] from May 16 to 18, 2012 at Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC), China. Let’s gear up for the new era of solar energy with best exhibits, wonderful design, warm reception and high-quality service!

Form 2012-05-16 to 2012-05-18
Address:Shanghai New International Expo Center,Shanghai,China
The 16th East Africa's International Trade Exhibition (EAITE) on Multisector Products, Eqpt. & Machinery is the largest trade event held annually in Tanzania, the hub of the vast East African market.The exhibition attracts exhibitors from more than 30 countries and visitors from all over East & Central Africa, thus giving exhibitors an excellent opportunity to explore several countries in one time.
Form 2012-05-20 to 2012-05-22
Address:Diamond Jubilee Hall, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

  THE VGGTS ADVANTAGE SPREAD OVER 100,000 sq mts With air-conditioned structures, state-of-the-art utility service, help desks, management teams, security, fire and screening safety, six pavilions, separate invitations for participation to International players and governments, VGGTS promises to become a humungous success in its own right. The Government of Gujarat has been super-successfully organizing the biennial Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors’Summit–since year 2003. Over the years, this summit has emerged as one of the most significant events, not only in India, but also on an international scale, often being compared to international economic forums like those held in Davos.

Form 2013-01-08 to 2013-01-13

  Products Focus

  Indoor & Outdoor Large Format Printer, Inkjet Printer, UV Flatbed Printer, Textile Printer, Thermal Transfer Equipment, Digital Image Output Equipment, Banner Machine, Laminating Machine, Splicing Machine, Screen Printing Equipment, etc. Ink, Printing Ink, Flex, Tents, Mesh, One-way Vision Vinyl, Laminates, Automobile Decal/Graphics, Adhesive Film, Sticker, Reflective Materials, Inkjet Printer Paper, etc. Engraving Machine, Laser Engraver, Laser Marking Machine, Engraver, Cutting Tools and Components, etc. Bending Machine, Carving Machine, Slotting Machine, Polishing Machine, Plastic Vacuum Forming Machine, etc. Exhibition and Display Equipment, Portable Display, Stage Display Shelf and other POP items Lightbox, 3D Products, Multimedia Advertising Machine and other Illuminated Products Signage, Specialty Sign, Multiple-face Display Acrylic Panel, PVC Foam Board, Aluminum Composite Panel, KT Board, etc. Promotional Gift, Design Book, Picture Bank and Software, Post Production Technology and Other Miscellaneous Advertisement Media LED Display, LED Chip, Packaging & Equipment, LED Illuminant, etc. LED Lighting


  SIGN CHINA 2012 will take place from 20-23 February 2012 at the China Import & Export Fair Pazhou Complex, Area B in Guangzhou. It will comprise 5 specialized sections in 10 halls, with a projected 1,600 exhibitors occupying 100,000 square metres in exhibition space. Established in 2003 in Guangzhou, SIGN CHINA pioneered the combination of indoor and outdoor format printers, engravers, exhibition and display equipment, as well as LED displays, components and lighting into a single comprehensive sourcing platform for the sign industry. Nine years of global promotion and brand building has made it one of the highest-profile and influential sign events in the world. Moving into its 10th anniversary, SIGN CHINA will continue its mission of creating the most complete and high-quality showcase of the sign industry production supply chain for exhibitors and visitors.

Form 2012-02-20 to 2012-02-23
Address:Pazhou Island, Guangzhou, China

  Market Introduction:

  (A) Overview of ASEAN

  ASEAN is the world's third largest economy, has since the 2008 financial crisis, U.S.And European markets are still in the slow recovery period, the other hand, six ASEAN countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam), the spending growth of 6.8 contrarian %, these countries not only relatively stable currency, and their steady rise in economic development is more, further show a strong ASEAN market consumption potential, many foreign investors have coveted the area of international development.

  Fully capture the "zero" tariff opportunity to forge the ASEAN emerging markets

  From 2002 to 2008, trade volume between China and ASEAN increased from about $ 60 billion to $ 231.12 billion, as the world's largest free trade zone - China - ASEAN Free Trade Area Agreement (CAFTA) on January 1, 2010 officially started, more than China and ASEAN countries 93% of the first to achieve a zero-tariff goods, and really started to enter the "era of zero-tariff" trade brought about obvious effect.According to Chinese customs statistics, the first six months of all goods between the Mainland and ASEAN were $ 136.49 billion trade volume, representing a 54.7% increase over the same period, with the global financial crisis over the first half of 2008 also increased 17.9%.China - ASEAN Free Trade Area of the start, marking the China-ASEAN economic ties between the history of rising to new levels, this development momentum, the ASEAN is definitely a unlimited business opportunities in emerging markets, can not be ignored.

  Large population, increasing demand

  Rapid development of the main six ASEAN countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines and Vietnam) together with the Asia Pacific region Australia, New Zealand and India, three countries have a total population of 1.7 billion, nearly $ 4.2 trillion gross national product and an annual $ 2.3 trillion worth of total trade for the world's most populous FTA, the ASEAN region growing the overall economy after U.S.And European markets have developed to become the world's third largest free trade area.

  (B) why the election in Singapore?

  1.The world's second largest re-export center - ASEAN countries are important trading center between the

  2.Location - located in the heart of the ASEAN region, the region's buyers coming purchases, close, very suitable for the exhibition held in the ASEAN market

  3 convenient transportation - non-stop international flights in 50 countries and 154 cities, most of the ASEAN countries to Singapore flight distance of not more than 2 hours, Australia and New Zealand has only about five hours flying distance

  4.'s Rapid economic development - the first out of the economic crisis, one of the few countries in 2010, annual GDP growth of 14.7%, the highest independence of Singapore to the highest increase in 45 years

  5 free trade, political stability - a high degree of financial development and trade services, and has with the United States, Europe, Japan, India, China, UAE, Chile and other 20 countries sign a free trade agreement

  (C) the strength of buyers gathered in the Asia-Pacific, the first to enjoy the results of emerging markets

  Organizers will be dedicated to Singapore and other ASEAN member countries, as well as Australia, New Zealand, India and neighboring countries to promote buyers' Singapore - Asia Expo." Channels, including:

  1 sent to its vast resources to build database of international buyers, importers, department stores, mail order companies, large chain distributors, supermarkets, resale shops, distributors, agents, import and export trading company, purchasing companies , regularly sending e-mails, faxes, invitations and promotional materials, to provide them with the latest information in this exhibition

  2 in Singapore and other ASEAN local delivery in key areas of large outdoor advertising

  3 related industries in the world of professional trade magazine advertisements

  4 tables in the global calendar of exhibitions (including print and electronic media) in this exhibition shows the date, place and important information

  5 In Singapore, the ASEAN region with local or other major newspapers, trade magazines published advertisements

  6 to the related media press releases and special media coverage

  7.Arrange to personally visit Singapore and ASEAN countries business departments across the government, trade associations, major importers, inviting them to visit the exhibition or as a support unit of item

  8 Independent advocates around the world to a number of major international trade exhibition for promotional activities, including ad hoc stalls, and in the field and an invitation to overseas buyers to visit them for registration, to attract them to attend the exhibition

  (D) Sands Expo Convention Center - the latest world-class international exhibition venues

  Sands Expo Convention Center in Singapore is now Singapore's largest exhibition and meeting space, this new world-class galleries located in the heart of Singapore, near the city center and business district, traffic in both conveniently located in Singapore Changi Airport is only 20 minutes.The total exhibition area of​​more than 120,000 square feet, the venue and the Marina Bay Sands and connected to the hotel, and nearby shopping and various leisure and entertainment facilities, readily available, buyers and exhibitors at the show in the negotiations while also doing enjoy leisure and entertainment.

Form 2011-11-23 to 2011-11-25
Address:Sands Expo Convention Center in Singapore

  After ten years of continuous efforts, leveraging on Shunde’s industrial position as China’s largest household electrical appliance manufacturing hub, China Shunde International Exposition for Household Electrical Appliances (Shunde Expo) has leapfrogged in its professionalism and international profile to become one of the most acclaimed household appliance trade fairs in Asia, and the best trading and networking platform for the household appliance industry, both at home and abroad. Shunde Expo 2011 features a range of re-segmented product displays aimed at providing buyers like you with a more efficient sourcing platform and higher definition of exhibits; at the same time, the exhibition sapce has been expanded to 35,000 square meters, to host approximately 600 exhibitors and 25,000 professional buyers. Do not miss this golden opportunity to keep up to date on the latest industry trends and explore domestic and international markets!

Form 2011-10-17 to 2011-10-20
Address:Shunde Exhibition Centre, Guangdong, China

  electronica India 2011 and productronica India 2011 moves to Delhi this year, it will be held from 13-16 Sept. 2011 at Pragati Maidan. The show has once again received excellent response, as you will see from the layout plans Hall 8-11 (devoted to production technologies, SMT and EMS / Contract manufacturers) and hall 12-12A (devoted to components, semiconductors, assemblies and materials) are almost 80% full already at this early stage. Key exhibitors at Delhi include Agate & Agate, Advancetec, Agilant, American Tec, ASYS, Bergen Associates, Bergen Systems, Brady India, EMST, Element 14, Hical, Harting, ITO Precision, Itochu, IMC, Juki, Kaynes, Leaptech, Millenium, Maxim SMT, Mectronics, NMTronics, iNETest, Prosem, Panasonic, Qmax, RS Components & Controls, Rabyte, Renesas Electronics, Rohde & Schwarz , Sony, SLN Technologies, SCB, Maxim SMT, Syratron, SM Electronic, TATA, Transtec, Unified to name a few. In an initiative to provide more value under one roof, the show will also feature high quality conferences covering important topics like EMS, Automotive electronics etc. Prime locations are fast getting sold out, kindly book early from the attached hall layouts to get a good location. Thanking you and looking forward to your confirmation of participation at India’s No 1 electronics forum.

Form 2011-09-13 to 2011-09-16
Address:Hall 8,9,10,11,12 and 12 A, Pragati Maidan

  Guangzhou Grandeur (Hongwei) Exhibition Services Co., Ltd. Will organize the 6th Guangzhou International Water Heater Exhibition 2011, which will be held in the largest exhibition hall of Asia-China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex during August 11-13, 2011. Last year, the 5th Guangzhou International Water Heater Exhibition 2010 (GWHE 2010) was sponsored by Guangdong Household Electrical Appliances Trade Association and Heat Pump Center of China Association of Rural Energy Industry, the most authoritative energy industry association in China. 82 famous enterprises including MEDIA, MTS, Tongda, Bayoil, SME, Typc, Doule, TuthillGroup, Tianmin, EuroVapor, Jialikeji, Cosco and Accu from home and abroad took part in the exhibition with their finished products, accessories, and related sets of products. Meanwhile, Water Heater Guangzhou 2010 took up 6, 500 sq. M exhibition area and attracted 7, 120 professional visitors.

Form 2011-08-11 to 2011-08-13
Address:China Import & Export Fair Pazhou Complex
IFA in Berlin, the global trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances, presents the latest products and innovations in the heart of Europe‘s most important regional market. Only IFA offers such a comprehensive overview of the international market and attracts the attention of trade visitors each year from more than 100 countries. IFA is the main meeting place for key retailers, buyers, and experts from industry, trade and the media. IFA is your personal chance to get the latest information first-hand. Don‘t miss the opportunity to explore emerging trends in the IFA iZone and IFA eLibrary and celebrate the premieres of new technologies and products.
Form 2011-09-02 to 2011-09-07
Address:Berlin International Exhibition Centre
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