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  Event Profile:MITF had an agenda to make Malaysia a centre of excellence in commodity based industries and to help the Malaysian based manufacturers to further explore international market. We have no doubt that your participation at MITF will generate huge rewards for your investment, so don?t miss out on this golden opportunity to be part of this mega event.

  Visitor's Profile:Manufacturers of Household Products, Home Furnishing, Metal Products, Footwear, Furniture, Automative Spare Parts & Accessories, Food, Beverages, Jewellery, Precious Stones, Timepieces, Toys & Dolls, Holidays Packages and lots more.

  Exhibitor's Profile:Products on Display are Giftware/Promotional Gift, Handicrafts, Textile & Textile Products, Apparel and Accessories, Glassware, Sporting Goods, Essential Oil, Cosmetics, Wooden Products, Rubber Products, Paper and Paper Products, Fashion Accessories, Leather Products, Stationery/Office Equipments etc.

Form 2007-08-16 to 2007-08-19
Address:Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia

  Event Profile:The main objective of the book fair is to promote long-life learning, intellectual development and self-improving as major factors of social integration.The road ahead is long and not an easy one, but the event will focus on uniting the multi-task efforts of Ministry of Education, Development Boards, Private Business Sector.

  Highlights:Seminars Topics: Why is exploring the New Frontier of writing necessary by ZhangYi-he, Chinese literary author, Introspection of reading by Nan Fang-shuo, culture critic, The survival of author and literature by Su Tong, Author of Raise the Red Lantern, Globalism in a complex city by Chan Koon-chung, founder of City Magazine.

  Visitor's Profile:Trade Visitors - Books Printers & Publishers, Suppliers, Paper manufacturers, Computers & Peripherals and General Public.

  Exhibitor's Profile:The display at the fair would include Books, Periodicals and Journals Published both in and outside India, Books & Periodicals, News Papers, Journals & other Publications, Educational Institutions & Coching Classes, Teaching Aids & Educational Materials, Stationary, Library & other Services, Govt. Organisations.

Form 2007-07-18 to 2007-07-24
Address:Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre

  APPPEXPO ------The Global Trade Fair In Ad, Print, Pack & Paper Industry Covering 120,000sqm

  Consisting of two independent exhibitions--ADEXPO (Ad & Sign ) & PPPEXPO (Print, Pack & Paper Shanghai), APPPEXPO was approved by The International Association Of The Exhibition Industry as UFI member in Sep. 2004, and have seen a tremendous development ever since.

  ADEXPO is now the largest advertising exhibition around the world with a total area of 80,000 sqm, while PPPEXPO, covering an area of nearly 40,000 sqm, has also become one of leading trade fair of its kind in Asia.

  In July 3-6, 2007, ADEXPO and PPPEXPO will be held conjunctionally at Shanghai New Int'l Expo Center, and the total area is expected to exceed 120,000sqm. With nearly 1000 exhibiting companies and over 100,000 professional visitors, APPPEXPO 2007 will be an ideal platform for the manufacturers and end-users of advertising, printing, packing and paper industry to do business and exchange information.

  PPPEXPO-----Guiding China's Print & Pack Market

  PPPEXPO, one of the two main events of APPPEXPO, is a leading international print exhibition guided to open up Chinese and overseas markets. Taking "Cosmopolitan, Brand-Orientation, and Specialization" as its tenets, PPPEXPO has been the ideal event for almost all the top manufacturers in printing industry to show their equipment, technology and latest research findings, such as HEIDELBERG, MITSUBISHI, MAN ROLAND, KODAK, MARK ANDY, DUPONT, ECRM, HP, CANON, KOMORI, SCREEN, AGFA, SCITEX, GLOBAL ASIA, MINOLTA, etc. With 14 years' unremitting efforts of its organizers, PPPEXPO is now widely recognized as one of the top printing exhibitions in China.

  According to the development of the global Print & Pack industry, organizers put forward 5 main exhibiting areas in 2007 as follows: 1.Pre-press, Digital & Express Print, Offset & Rotary Print 2.Label, Sign, Screen and Special Print 3.Flexo & Gravure 4.Paper, Carton, Converting Equipment & Technology 5.Post-print & Packaging Print

  Print, Pack & Paper Shanghai 2007-------Towards more splendid achievements The 15th Print, Pack & Paper Expo Shanghai is the leading international trade fair in China, guided to open up the China and overseas market.

  PPPEXPO 2007--your gate towards the full-speed developing Chinese Print & Pack market, and the guarantee of your success!

  Over 60 high-level professional forums and seminars were held during the exhibition and attracted thousands of managers and decision-makers to have a face-to-face communication with users and professionals.

  With 14-years' efforts and development, PPPEXPO is being widely accepted by the world as the well-known and one of the biggest Print, Pack & Paper Expo in Asia . And more splendid future will appear in PPPEXPO 2007.

Form 2007-07-03 to 2007-07-06
Address:Light Industry & Daily use

  Living / Paper & Paper Products, Printing & Publishing Machinery, Industrial Technology / Other Industrial Machinery & Equipment Information, Telecommunication / Telecommunication, Data Processing, Computer

Form 2007-09-21 to 2007-09-27
Address:Tokyo International Exhibition Center
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