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Furniture & Houseware-China Import & Export Commodities Exhibition
  • thành phố:
  • Kuala Lumpur
  • tổ chức:
  • China Foreign Trade Center
  • Người quyết định:
  • Người thực hiện:
  • Triển lãm:
  • Putra World Trade Center(PWTC)
  • Ngày triển lãm:
  • 2011-12-01 - 2011-12-04
  • ngày gửi:
  • Địa điểm:
  • Putra World Trade Center(PWTC),Kuala Lumpur

Tóm tắt

  CIEM has been successfully held since 2004 and is now gearing up for the 8th session, being a must-visit event of KL in December every year. As the extension of China’s most influential exhibition—the Canton Fair, CIEM is an important platform for the bilateral trade and investment between China and ASEAN. With 9000 m2 of scale offering 589 standard booths, CIEM 2010 witnessed the participation of 471 exhibitors from 8 Asian countries and regions, including China, Malaysia, India, Korea and Taiwan of China; and 10833 buyers from 26 countries. In 2011, CIEM will be expanded to 800 booths. The broad market prospects encourage more and more Asian enterprises to share their finest products in CIEM. You are sure to find your cup of tea here!

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