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Home > Trade shows > The 6th GD/HK/MAC International Sporting Goods Fair and The 10th Guangdong International Sporting Goods Fair
The 6th GD/HK/MAC International Sporting Goods Fair and The 10th Guangdong International Sporting Goods Fair
  • thành phố:
  • Guangzhou
  • tổ chức:
  • The 16th Asian Games Organization Committee
  • Người quyết định:
  • Người thực hiện:
  • Triển lãm:
  • Guangzhou Jinhan Exhibition Center
  • Ngày triển lãm:
  • 2009-08-28 - 2009-08-30
  • ngày gửi:
  • Địa điểm:
  • Guangzhou Jinhan Exhibition Center

Tóm tắt

The 6th GD/HK/MAC International Sporting Goods Fair and The 10th Guangdong International Sporting Goods Fair(hereinafter referred to as "ISGF"), special supported by The 16th Asian Games Organization Committee,hosted by Guangdong Provincial Sports Administration、Hong Kong Home Affairs Bureau、Macao Sport Development Board、Guangdong Provincial Sports Industrial Association、Henghe Group Co., Ltd,undertake by Guangdong Henghe International Sports Exposition Center Co., Ltd. It became the heavyweight sporting goods industry exhibition in South China. After ten years’experences, ISGF constantly enhanced the scale of level, expaned the space of the exhibition year by year. ISGF boosts the enthusiasm for the home and abroad sporting goods dealers, sporting goods manufacturers, trade buyers, Sports Industry Association to join and participate. And promotes China in particular the South of China sporting goods industry, strengthen the communication between domestic and foreign businesses and the southern China. Which has become the well-known national brand Sport Exhibition. According to statistics, Previous exhibition had attracted 5000 exhibiters of reputed brand from home and abroad as well as approximately 400, 000 participants including more than 180, 000 professionals visitors. ISGF has established a good reputation At the industry and has become second largest in China, third largest in Asia as a professional exhibition of sporting goods.

2009, coincides with the 60th anniversary of the founding of china. In 2009, the 5th East Asian Games will be opened in Hong Kong; In 2010, the 13th GuangDong Games will be hold in Huizhou, Guangzhou will also show the first 16th Asian Games to the world; In 2011, the World University Sports elite gathered in Shenzhen, take part in the 26th Universiade. The spate of sporting event, held at the Pan-Pearl River Delta region, gave a strong impetus to the rapid development of Chinese sports, and build a platform for the rapid development of the sports industry, the Government of Guangzhou、Hongkong and Macao continue to invest more resources for the construction of sports venues and facilities, expressed the confidence in the future development of China PE industry.

This year is the date of the 10th anniversary celebration, ISGF will be invited by the Sport boom and its own influence of sports industry of southern China, to set up a sports show home and abroad、exchange and trade platform, at that time, the domestic and foreign famous sporting goods manufacturers, sports brand enterprises, and sporting goods manufacturers will display a wide variety of sporting goods, advanced Sports science and technology achievements as well as the sports equipment.

“Create high-quality brands, explore business opportunities”is the Consistent pursuit of ISGF“Heritage brilliant decade, Recast splendid industry”is the commitment made by the ISGF in the tenth anniversary.

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