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Home > Trade shows > VITRUM 2011
  • thành phố:
  • Milan
  • tổ chức:
  • Fiera Milano International SpA
  • Người quyết định:
  • Người thực hiện:
  • Triển lãm:
  • Fiera Milano
  • Ngày triển lãm:
  • 2011-10-26 - 2011-10-29
  • ngày gửi:
  • Địa điểm:
  • Fiera Milano, Milan, Italy

Tóm tắt


  VITRUM, the leading international glass manufacturing trade event held in Italy, continues to find ways to present cutting edge techniques and technologies alongside a glimpse into the illustrious past. The tradition of glass manufacturing originated and matured in the small workshops of artisans in ancient Rome or during the time of the Doges in the Venetian Republic.


  Vitrum is also an example of how the modern industrial world can take on the noble challenge of imparting a refined cultural message. Thus, the show presents itself not only as the business appointment of the year but also as the ideal venue where history, tradition, evolution and technological innovation intersect and flow into another in a virtual stream of time.


  Architects, Automobile components distributors, Automobile manufacturers, Contractors, Engineers, Glass manufacturers, Property developers, Window & facade builers are the target visitors.

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