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  The TEXWORLD event is the synonym of traditional yet fashionable clothing and being organized by Messe Frankfurt GmbH France. It is one of the highly eminent events for the garment sector. For the 4 day session, TEXWORLD is going to be known as a highly professionalized platform for attracting numerous manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers from across the globe.


  The main target industries at Texworld are: textile retailers and wholesalers, garment retailers and wholesalers, large scale retailing, chain stores, designers, sales representatives, garment manufacturers and fabric manufacturers.


  Profile for the exhibit at Texworld includes: specialized manufacturers of clothing, fabrics embroidery & lace, knitted fabrics, prints, trims & accessories etc.

Form 2011-09-19 to 2011-09-22
Address:Parc des Expositions Paris Le Bourget, Le Bourget, France

  Midest is the sourcing platform for international suppliers of industrial subcontracting. It is a show for the forging of partnerships and monitoring technology, serving manufacturers, component suppliers and assemblers, who are looking for face to face meetings with providers of solutions in metal working, plastics, electronics and industry services

Form 2011-11-15 to 2011-11-18
Address:Paris - Nord, Villepinte


  EquipBaie-Exhibition for Windows, Doors, Shutters & Solar Protection will be concentrating on development by combining the development of the exhibition with that of the various structural opening markets.


  Contractors, specifiers, architects, wholesalers, developers, homebuilders & other related professionals & General public are the target visitors.


  Profile for exhibit include Windows, shutters, wood, metal, PVC joinery, automation, solar protection, ironmongery and hardware, joints, sealing, compounds, glazed products, machinery and tools.

Form 2010-11-16 to 2010-11-19
Address:Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, Paris, France

CPhI Worldwide is the worlds largest business event of pharma industry. The 21st edition of this leading event will gather manufacturers, suppliers, potential clients and users to share ideas create associations and do business on a worldwide level. More than 1900+ exhibitors are participating from across thw owrld to showcase their latest products/services related to the pharmaceutical industry. It will provide attendees an opportunity to gain useful information and get acquainted with the latest industry trends.

CPhI Worldwide is an exclusive platform for delegates to meet industry professionals, learn new strategies, network and share thoughts. It will provide opportunity to come across the leading pharma ingredients professionals representing developed, dynamic and emerging new markets.

Form 2010-10-05 to 2010-10-07
Address:Paris Nord Villepinte, Paris, France

Midest is the sourcing platform for international suppliers of industrial subcontracting.

It is a show for the forging of partnerships and monitoring technology, serving manufacturers, component suppliers and assemblers, who are looking for face to face meetings with providers of solutions in metal working, plastics, electronics and industry services. Midest places the men and women of such businesses at the heart of exchanges designed to get them working together.

Form 2009-11-17 to 2009-11-20
Address:Paris Nord Villepinte

APS the business event for Safety I Security

Taking place in Paris every other year, Alarmes Protection Sécurité(APS) is the event dedicated to bringing together all the

entities involved in the implementation of protection and security solutions (suppliers, recommenders, buyers and users).

For the companies, organisations and authorities that attend, APS is an exhibition with a human dimension, an opportunity

for friendly meetings and exchanges, which favours direct dialogue between those seeking the most efficient safety/security

solutions and those designing them.

APS is a catalyst for projects, an important market place.

Form 2009-09-22 to 2009-09-24
Address:Paris expo - porte de Versailles

Alarms Protection Security is at the heart of the security industry, a trade show totally devoted to providing opportunities to make high-quality contacts. For the numerous professionals, specifiers and purchasers who take part, APS has become the number one interface with the security market.

Form 2009-09-25 to 2009-09-27
Address:Paris Expo - Porte de Versailles, Paris, FRANCE

  Event Profile:Paris Furniture Show, a dynamic new furniture show for Paris, an annual international rendez-vous for this profession, at the same time as MAISON & OBJET, the home trade fair exhibition. A unique gathering for all in the home market : both furniture and decor.

  Highlights:'The Store'- A 400 m2 flagship store designed by architect Pierre-Julien Dentale will be built within the PLANETE Meuble Paris exhibition centre. Better presentation, better explanation and better sales. This space will be divided into three sections created by agencies specialised in sourcing, merchandising and ambience design. Every day, our partners propose a conference theme in order to discuss and to be informed, in the PLANETE Meuble Paris bar-conferences.

  Visitor's Profile:Architects, Interior Designers / Decorators, Wholesalers, Distributors, Manufacturer, Importers, Exporters of Furniture, Retailers, Agents, Representatives & General Public.

  Exhibitor's Profile:A complete range of new releases by international manufacturers, wholesalers and designers, including: Bedroom Furniture, Lounge Furniture, Dining Furniture, Outdoor Furniture, Occasional Furniture, Furnishings & Fabrics, Lighting & Lamps, Rugs & Floorcoverings, Artwork & Framing, Objets d'art.

Form 2008-01-24 to 2008-01-28
Address:Paris, Ile-De-France, France

  Car spare parts:Every form spare parts and OEM, cars spread to move the system, carriage spare parts, bedrock system

  Car accessories:General accessories and OEMs, designs refit, general tire and the turn of胎

  Vehicle electronics thing:Electronics spare parts and illuminate the equipments, car stereo set, electronics amusement system, car do not need to lift telephone etc. communications equipment, car cold air equipments

  Vehicle equipments and enclosure, network area after selling:Include the equipments, enclosure, adjustment equipments, retail, network, permit specially the management, after selling product manufactory with logistics

  Fix with support the area:Include the tool, various examinations equipments, work place layout with the heavy type equipments

  Carriage with varnish the area:Include the equipments of the carriage creation and spray to draw the equipments and repair quickly with share the supplies that repair center usage with consume the material

  Electronics information technique:Include the supplies, procedure, software with the on-line application, maintain the information technique that stands 1:00 with the information technique application service of the carriage( training with consult etc.)

  Exposition general situation:

  International car in France industry exhibition??EQUIP' the AUTO be exhibited by France COMEXPO the group sponsors, is international grand occasion that car technique and serve.It displays to design all latest techniques that maintain from the car with the equipments, bagging whole car industry, joining the exhibition the company with visit for the industry and business贸provided the really fine business movable place, make attend meeting every kind of problem between interested in relevant technique, craft, business and prospect all can find out the satisfied answer here, is a sign that international grand occasion that car industry technique in fact and serve.That exhibition begins from the 1975, meeting the single year to hold October, having held up to now 16;In 2007, the exhibition meeting will be faced it 32 the birthday of anniversaries.

  The preceding batch joins the exhibition the circumstance:

  The exhibition hair area of the Parisian international car in 2005 industry exhibition amount to 200,000 square meter, the ratio exhibition would start to create in 1975 to increase near 7 times;Joining the exhibition the factory overs 2000 house, compare to increase in 1975 8 times are many, among them 65% for the country on the occasion of join the exhibition the company;In international exhibition company, the Italian business enterprise joins the exhibition several rows the first, later on one by one in order is business enterprise that Germany, Spain, Chinese mainland, Chinese Taiwan, then is an other European nation in some.The exhibition in 2005 will ascend,65% demonstration area comes from the vehicle equipments with the exhibition of the service realm company,32% demonstration area come from the maintenance with the exhibition of the carriage realm company.The profession visit of the 2005 amount to more than 140,000 person-times, compare to increase in 1975 near 5 times, they come from more than 140 nations respectively with the region, the among them international audience occupies 30%;Compare with the 2003, the international audience increased 20%.The big part visits company as the all countries purchase group, retail the company, engineering the technical personnel and maintain personnel and researchers.See from the international the district that audience belong to, Africa occupies 9%, the Pacific Asia region occupies 3%, near middle east the region occupies 8%, EU excluding of the European nation occupies 15%, France excluding of the EU nation occupies 60%, the south is North America each to occupy 2%.See from the business realm of the audience,36% audience comes from the car produces the profession,34% audience comes from the car the maintenance the profession,22% audience comes from to retail the realm, rest roughly 8% audience come from the education, medium with the profession organization.

Form 2007-10-15 to 2007-10-20
Address:Parisian north suburb in France VL an exhibition center

  Corpus engineering area: house, construction构a, well ventilated piping, waterproof material, corpus construction material with the accessories of构, hot material in隔in heat preservation, hang the crest, floor, water handles system, drain system etc.

  Doors and windows and act wall District: wood doors and windows, metals doors and windows, plastics doors and windows, reunite material doors and windows, the cabinet of橱, doors and windows shut the lock opens the system, doors and windows seal completely the material, hiding the阳帘(蓬) and its open the equipments automatically, small hardware in doors and windows, a lock, the glass products, the iron艺products etc.

  Decorate to repair the area: the indoors repairs the parts:Cut off, decorate, wall cabinet, ceramic tile, smallpox, wood floor, fireplace and smoke way, coating, the kitchen decorates, illuminating equipments etc.

  Outdoors facilities:A swimming pool repairs and its equipments, open-air furniture and facilities, outdoor games and amusement facilities;Ceramic tile, brick;Marble, flower岗石, other the material of石, slab of stone;Wood quality plank material, wood floor;Varnish the coating;The wall ground decorates the material;The ceiling hangs crest;Illuminate

  Building equipments with tool area: process the equipments, construction machine tool, tool, the accessories of zero, workplace safety with protection equipments and thing, building land an every kind of appropriation for using vehicle

  The intelligence turns the floor宇District: every kind of elevator, central vacuum divideds by the system of尘;Wired with lead-in network with install the system;Terminal, locator with controller;Comfortable a management for, illuminating with multi-media function with control;Outdoors control system, control from a distance the service, the facilities supervises and control with maintenance wait

  The information handles high and new technique with correspond by letter the equipments area: appropriation software, plait distance tool( CAO), calculator peripherals, because of with net project, communication equipments, the several-storied building building intelligence turns the system.

  Exhibition meeting brief introduction:

  The exhibition of BATIMAT is since 1959 establishment, the scale extends increasingly, the influence spreads to world, the good reputation is more and more good.Have developped to become the world now most building materials and equipments exhibitions of the of著.The exhibition will exhibitmidnight the total area in 2005 225361 square meter.2710 exhibitions the company comes from world 49 nations,1129 among those houseses are for the country on the occasion of exhibition company, France exhibition company is 1581 house, the foundation in 2003 keep on increasing.The new product of exhibitmidnighting amount to 930 piece.87% exhibition the company will mean the satisfaction to the 2003 exhibition,80% exhibition the company means that join the exhibition continuously in 2007.Each exhibition pedestal average received 665 professions audience.From the construction that the visit audience sees, the exhibition will draw on 442515 professions audience, among them 80095 by name and international audience, come from 141 nations with the region, average visit time is 2 days.98% visit will be satisfied with to the exhibition,85% audience contain purchase intention,74% audience visits the Batimat only in this profession, but do not visit the another of the same kind exposition.Each audience about with 33 exhibitions the company proceeds the talks,2/3 that visit whole exhibition the meeting.See from the profession that audience belong to,35.9% audience is to constructs the undertaker with the engineering technical personnel, the dealer is 18% with the dealer, the architect occupy to 21.5% with profession architect,10.8% audience is a manufactory.Divide the line to see from the district of the international audience, occupy 4.4% Asianly;Occupy 5.7% middle east, Africa occupies 20.1%, the south occupies 5.5% North America.The national audience in EU of the excluding of France occupies 63%.

  China joins the exhibition the circumstance:

  In this exhibition of near a few exhibitions would, there is not a few Chinese business enterprises joining the exhibition.The Chinese business enterprise in preceding batch joins the exhibition the area amount to 600 clean area in square meters, obtained the good trade result, especially石material product, porcelain and ceramics product with some foundation building materials product.Because the exhibition of BATIMAT will be in the world most a widespread approbation for of building materials exhibition meeting brand, getting commerce personage, so have in the world the business enterprise of the real strenght promotes to attend valid means that that exhibition conduct and actions business enterprise brand image.There is the business enterprise of the real strenght to the Chinese domestic, attend that exhibition to changes exactly business enterprise is with the product image, beat in nations the high carrying the good opportunity of the market.Moreover, on each BATIMAT building materials exhibition, building design from international community院an outlet for with square the professional of large quantity in owner coming view exhibition or purchases, passing joining the exhibition, Chinese business enterprise can establishing with they directly communicating.

  Note:Match the standard business enterprise in small business enterprise in inside, I take charge of to carry out the help to application" the international market in small business enterprise in inside expands the funds subsidy" affair.

  Oversea company in exhibition in inside brief introduction:

  The inside oversea exhibition in exhibition limited company is a profession that domestic is well-known to organize the Chinese factory leave for the offshore joining the exhibition exhibit the company.Rely on the oversea exhibition in exhibition in inside in service in regiment in knowledge, thoughtful exhibition in professional exhibition limited company that borrow the Chinese exhibition regiment organizes to meet together more and more customers gradually, the scale of the exhibition regiment also increases significantly year by year.Organizes in 2005 many in home state-owners enterprises industry attend the Batimat展,获得很积极的场反?

Form 2007-10-05 to 2007-10-10
Address:Paris is Versailles an exhibition center
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