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  Mostra Convegno Expocomfort is the leading international biennial exhibition for domestic and industrial systems in the following sectors: heating, renewable energies, air conditioning, refrigeration, plumbing technology, water treatment, services and components.


  New market trends are to be found in the four main areas of the exhibition: Energy, Heating, Cooling and Water. A quality programme of conferences and seminars promoted in partnership with the most authoritative trade associations and institutional organizations, providing a great opportunity for comparison and debate for exhibitors and sector operators alike, and offering an open window onto the market able to outline new trends and commercial opportunities.


  Fitters, design engineers, architects, designers, interior decorators, plant technicians, wholesalers and retailers, construction companies, retailing and distribution operators and those operating in the hotel industry. Special attention is once again given to the world of research, universities and schools and to relations with institutions.

Form 2012-03-27 to 2012-03-30
Address:Fiera Milano, Milan, Italy


  VITRUM, the leading international glass manufacturing trade event held in Italy, continues to find ways to present cutting edge techniques and technologies alongside a glimpse into the illustrious past. The tradition of glass manufacturing originated and matured in the small workshops of artisans in ancient Rome or during the time of the Doges in the Venetian Republic.


  Vitrum is also an example of how the modern industrial world can take on the noble challenge of imparting a refined cultural message. Thus, the show presents itself not only as the business appointment of the year but also as the ideal venue where history, tradition, evolution and technological innovation intersect and flow into another in a virtual stream of time.


  Architects, Automobile components distributors, Automobile manufacturers, Contractors, Engineers, Glass manufacturers, Property developers, Window & facade builers are the target visitors.

Form 2011-10-26 to 2011-10-29
Address:Fiera Milano, Milan, Italy


  Milano Unica is one of the top events which will cater to the European fabrics and accessories. This event will feature with women and men?s wear production collection as well. It will be its 13th edition. The show will showcase complete range of products and services. Milano Unica is a biggest event which deals with the finest quality products from Italy and Europe. In the show, world acclaimed manufacturers and companies of Italy and Europe will demonstrate their latest and innovative product line in the show. This expo will be a great networking place for the new companies to establish themselves on international level.


  The Milano Unica will be a great opportunity for visitors to interact with the experts and professionals from this industry. The buyers, retailers and importers dealing in fashion apparels, sports wears, imprints and many more will participate in the show as visitors. Apart from that the key decision makers of some renowned companies linked to this industry will also visit the show.


  The exhibitors at Milano Unica will be showcasing wide range products of fabrics and accessories. Over 425 manufacturers, dealer, importer retailer and distributors of the concerned industry will exhibit their products in the show. Oher main exhibitors will be A & B Studio Adriana Sorgi & C. Sa, Angelo Ferrario Tessile Sp, At+T Srl Advanced Transfers & Technologie, Borgo Textile - Unica - La Linea Stampat, Bottonificio B.A.P - Chiusure Lamp, Bottonificio Corna & Fratus Sr, Cerchiaro F.G. Tessuti Sr, D & P Srl Design & Productio, Dinamo Contemporary Fabric, Marzott and many more.

Form 2011-09-13 to 2011-09-15
Address:Fiera Milano, Milan, Italy


  Due in part to two external factors–the new dates for the triennial NPE show in the US (now scheduled in March instead of June) and the unilateral decision by the organisers of IPACK-IMA (International show dedicated to packaging and filling, industrial logistics and machines for the food industry) not to coincide with PLAST anymore, as in the past two occasions–the next edition of the International exhibition for plastics and rubber industries will be held at the FIERA MILANO fairgrounds in Rho (Milan) from Tuesday, May 8th to Saturday, May 12th, 2012.

  General Information

  The date of PLAST2012 was determined based on a survey carried out by the organizer–PROMAPLAST srl–among a selected number of exhibiting companies, with a broad consensus. PLAST2012 therefore return to the first half of May on the international trade fair calendar, as it was from the mid-eighties to 2006. Since it will no longer coincide with IPACK-IMA, the product category list for PLAST2012 will once again include plastic packaging machinery and equipment, package printing, etc. Finally, regarding the fairgrounds, FIERA MILANO has reserved eight single-floor pavilions for PLAST2012 for a total of 70,000 m2 of net exhibition area.

Form 2012-05-08 to 2012-05-12


  International benchmark of the lighting sector, with its exhaustive range of top quality goods, it has become the established point of reference for the design world, where technological and formal innovation come together. With over 40,000 square metres given over entirely to lighting, it is held in synergy with SaloneUfficio, the International Workspace Exhibition, given the great affinities between the worlds of work and lighting.


  Architects, Lighting Designers/Interior Decorators, Wholesalers, Distributors, Manufacturers, Importers, Exporters of Lighting, Retailers, Agents, Representatives are the target visitors. The general public can visit the fair only on Sunday, April 17.


  Manufacturers of: Outdoor lighting; Indoor lighting; Industrial lighting; Event lighting; Special purpose lighting; Hospital lighting; Lighting systems; Light sources. Illuminating technologies software and consulting firms; Trade newspapers, magazines and publications; Trade associations and organizations may also participate.

Form 2011-04-12 to 2011-04-17
Address:Fiera Milano, Milan, Italy

  SICUREZZA, leader event.

  SICUREZZA, now in its 15th Edition, keeps on being the only international exhibition in the security industry taking place in Italy, and confirms its position among the top world events dedicated to security.

  SICUREZZA 2008, a new chapter has been opened.

  The 2008 edition marked an important turning point, encompassed by the slogan“Let’s open a new chapter on Security”, that has led to a development of the thematic framework of the exhibition with the debut of the new sectors of Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism, Local Police and Private Surveillance.

  SICUREZZA 2010, the change goes on.

  For the forthcoming edition, continuing on the same path, we intend to:

  Have, for the first time, a prestigious and internationally renowned Partner such as UNICRI (United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute), an official body of the United Nations including, among its purposes, the enhancement of factual collaboration between Public and Private for protection of critical infrastructures and major events;

  Promote events focused on cutting-edge topics and present best-practices, with the involvement of an international panel of experts;

  Organize thematic seminars, with a one-to-one formula, between the representatives of the Public sector and the exhibiting Companies, aimed at enhancing dialogue among security Executives and producers of technology;

  Cooperate in the organization of the 1st Police International Forum, promoted by ANVU (Associazione Polizia Locale d’Italia), to be held in the fairgrounds;

  Emphasize the international vocation of the exhibition, by means of the reinforcement of the promotional activities addressed to North-Africa, East Europe, and Middle East;

Form 2010-11-17 to 2010-11-19
Address:Fiera Milano Nuovo Polo,Rho-Pero,Milano,Italy


BIMU, the trade fair for machine tools, robots, automation and ancillary products (NC units, tools, components and accessories), is recognised by manufacturers and users alike as the trade fair to attend in even-numbered years, alternating with EMO (the official world trade fair for the industry).


The twinning of BI-MU and SFORTEC has given rise to a trade fair that, with its specialist sections such as THE WORLD OF WELDING, AMMTECH-THE WORLD OF ASSEMBLY and THE WORLD OF DIES AND MOULDS, as well as its intensive conference programme entitled QUALITY BRIDGE, is able to focus on exhibitors the attention of the entire manufacturing industry.


Professionals related to the field of Machine building, construction of equipment, Tool & mould-making, fixture design, Steel & light-metal construction, Road vehicle construction & suppliers, Automotive industry & suppliers, Shipbuilding industry, Aerospace industry, Electrical & electronic industry, Precision machines & optics, Manufacture of iron, sheet metal and metal ware.

Form 2010-10-05 to 2010-10-09
Address:Fiera Milano, Milan, Italy
Form 2007-10-04 to 2007-10-06
Address:Vicenza, Veneto,Italy

  Event Profile:Automobile Expo, a specialized trade show which focus exclusively on the Automobile industry. The objective of this exposition is to act as a comprehensive resource for the industry, its members, prospective business visitors and customers by providing in depth information about the industry and the latest trends influencing its progress.

  Visitor's Profile:Visitors comprising largely of Chief Executives, Purchases Managers, Decision Makers, Garage Owners, Service Engineers, Mechanics, Dealers, Distributors of Bike & Parts, CEO's, Buyers from Industry, State Transport Corporations, Government Officials, Fleet owners, Tour Operators, Engineers/Technocrats, Corporate Executives, Consultants, Pollution Control Board, Media are the target visitors.

  Exhibitor's Profile:Profile for exhibit include Passenger Cars & Commercial Vehicles, Coach Builders & Auto Bodies, Auto Components, Batteries, Oil & Lubricants, Motorcycles & Motorbikes, Scooters, Bicycles, Spares parts Manufacturers, Bus Interior Decors, Paint Decors, Seat Manufacturers, Flooring, Product Designers, Audio Visual, Air-conditioning, Dash Boards, Luxury Cars, Manufacturers & Dealers of Automobiles, Car-Care Products, Garage and Service Equipment, Petrol vending machines.

  Organizer:Villart Expositions6-3-344/A, Cupid Curve Complex, Road # 1, Banjara Hills,,Hyderabad, India.

Form 2007-09-07 to 2007-09-09
Address:People's Plaza, Necklace Road

  Event Profile:A fully focused and dedicated show for Commercial Vehicle industry is the need of time and SUNSTAR has taken this initiative to organise this show and build-up a much needed platform for developing long term sustainable relationship amongst producers and end-users of Commercial vehicle industry and its allied industry.

  Highlights:SHOW HIGHLIGHTS: Full focus, relevance and exclusivity, India's First Largest International expo of its kind, Entire Fraternity of Commercial Vehicle Industry under one roof, Seminars & Conferences by ARAI, Extensive Publicity.

  Visitor's Profile:Fleet Owners, Travel & Tour Operators, Corporate & Institutions, Drivers, Government Departments, Cargo / Parcel Movers, Dealers & Resellers, Transporters, Service & Workshop Owners, Courier Companies, Designers / Modifiers are the target visitors.

  Exhibitor's Profile:Profile for exhibit include Trucks, Buses, Trailers, Containers, Cranes, Three wheelers, Tempo, Tankers, Parts and Components for the above, Engine & Body parts, Tyres & Tubes and Retrading, Battery, Oils & Lubricants, Paints & Lubricants, Vehicle Body Builders, Tank & Vessel Builders and Fabricators, Garage & Garage Equipments, Insurance Products & Services, IT for Commercial Vehicle Industry, Fleet Management systems.

  Organizer:Sunstar Expositions Private LimitedD-85/1, 1st Floor, Okhla Phase-1,New Delhi, India.

Form 2007-08-24 to 2007-08-26
Address:India Expo Centre EXPO XXI, Greater Noida Expressway
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