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  Event Profile:Vietnam Auto Expo an implementation of Vietnam Government orientation and direction to offer Vietnam and international policymakers and business a comprehensive practical panorama about Vietnam vehicle manufacturing industries to get a right and successful policies and strategies in the forthcoming years.

  Highlights:Conference on Government Policies and Strategies to develop Vietnam Automobile & Supporting Industries. Cooperation Forum among businesses in Vehicle & Supporting Accessories Manufacturing, Assembling and Trading Industries. Business Dialogue between Vietnam and overseas enterprises.

  Visitor's Profile:Trade Visitors only - manufacturers, importers & exporters of Vehicle accessories, special equipment, tuning, performance systems, design refinement. Repair & Automotive Services - Equipment for vehicle service and repair, bodywork repair and painting, garage building and management, refuelling and care, disposal and recycling.

  Exhibitor's Profile:Profile for exhibit include Passenger Cars & Commercial Vehicles, Coach & Auto Bodies Builders, Two & Three Wheelers, Tyres, Car Finance, Insurance & Services Alternative Fuel & Fuel Systems, Auto Accessories, Batteries, Oil & Lubricants, Auto Components, Tools, Garage / Service Station Equipment.

Form 2007-08-21 to 2007-08-25

  Event Profile:MITF had an agenda to make Malaysia a centre of excellence in commodity based industries and to help the Malaysian based manufacturers to further explore international market. We have no doubt that your participation at MITF will generate huge rewards for your investment, so don?t miss out on this golden opportunity to be part of this mega event.

  Visitor's Profile:Manufacturers of Household Products, Home Furnishing, Metal Products, Footwear, Furniture, Automative Spare Parts & Accessories, Food, Beverages, Jewellery, Precious Stones, Timepieces, Toys & Dolls, Holidays Packages and lots more.

  Exhibitor's Profile:Products on Display are Giftware/Promotional Gift, Handicrafts, Textile & Textile Products, Apparel and Accessories, Glassware, Sporting Goods, Essential Oil, Cosmetics, Wooden Products, Rubber Products, Paper and Paper Products, Fashion Accessories, Leather Products, Stationery/Office Equipments etc.

Form 2007-08-16 to 2007-08-19
Address:Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia

  Event Profile:Discover Indonesia Trade & Investment Fair shall serve as an international business platform for businesses to participate and promote trans-regional trade and direct investments to the region.

  Highlights:A mini-theatre to accommodate 30 attendees will be made available at the exhibition for exhibitors to conduct product demonstrations and presentations on a scheduled basis. The mini-theatre will be equipped with basic audio-visual facilities and PA system.

  Visitor's Profile:Members of local and foreign Chambers of Commerce, Trade Associations, Bi-lateral Business Council, Chief Executives, Managers, Engineers, Procurement Managers, Sourcing Managers, Commodity Managers, Purchasing Officers, Investors, Bankers, Entrepreneurs, Franchise Holders, 'Buying Houses', Importers, Property Managers, Quantity Surveyors, Government Officials and others.

  Exhibitor's Profile:Profile for exhibit include Aeronautics Engineering, IT, Telecommunication, Multimedia systems, Automotive, Safety & security products, Storage and Harvest Processing, Agricultural produce, Textiles, Handicrafts, Pharmaceuticals, Footwear, Herbal Products, Cosmetics and Beauty-care Products, Health Products, Home & Office Furniture, Household Goods, Electronic Goods, Search Engine Technologies, Digital Video & Audiio, Digital Publishing & Printing, Animation.

Form 2007-08-01 to 2007-08-05
Address:Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia

  Event Profile:International Islamic Fair (IIF 2007) is an annual international event incorporating intellectual discourse, business networking and social/cultural interaction. It is a 'by-the-people-for-the-people' event designed to fill the present need in time of crisis in the Muslim world - disunity, poverty, and poor response to external challenges.

  Highlights:2-day conference with prominent Muslim and non-Muslim speakers and scholars from around the world, in four sessions - Update on the Ummah, Business, Economy & Finance, Human Relation, Media & Global Peace, Community, Arts & Education.

  Visitor's Profile:Trade Visitors - manufacturers, importers & exporters of Kitchen wares, Home Electronics, Appliances, Bathroom Items, Furniture, General Gifts, Personal Accessories, Home Repair Items, Home Decoration, Leisure Items, Sports & Health Items & General Pubilc.


  Exhibitor's Profile:Exhibitors include Publishers, TV & radio Broadcasters, Schools & universities, Language & culture centers, Manufacturers - clothes, footwear, gifts & decorations, electronics, computers, Importers / Exporters - halal foods & drinks, alternative products, Health - food supplements & health products, hospitals & medical centers, job agencies, Retailers & franchisors, Islamic banks, finance & insurance companies, Government agencies & embassies.

Form 2007-07-27 to 2007-07-29
Address:Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia

  Event Profile:

  Furniture Design Components is a very powerful meeting point of all relevant subjects in the field of wood processing and furniture industry - producers, experts, designers, scientists, businessmen, end consumers and specialized media, and a very significant marketing incentive for development of home wood and furniture industry.

  Exhibitor's Profile:

  Profile for exhibit include Housing furniture, Kitchen and bathroom, Office furniture and furniture for equipping of buildings, Products and equipment for interior and exterior decoration, Wood industry machinery and tools, Production materials for wood industry etc.

Form 2007-07-18 to 2007-07-21

  Event Profile:

  Cosmobeaute Asia-Malaysia is the largest and most important and attractive professional event for the beauty industry and spa sector. The event will be promoted to attract trade buyers from the region's beauty and health and fitness sectors, as well as top-end consumers by invitation

  Exhibitor's Profile:

  Exhibitors will be showing world-renowned top quality brands of perfumes, cosmetics, hair care, skin care, toiletries, salon and spa products and equipment, raw materials, components, packaging as well as private label products and services.

Form 2007-07-16 to 2007-07-19
Address:Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia

  Electronica-Transport 2008

  Organizer: JSC ChipEXPO

  Venue: Moscow World Trade Center

  Show Time: 2008-02-20~2008-02-22

  Last Show report

  Display spaces: 691 sq. m

  Total booth number: 95

  Exhibitor number: 149

  Total visitor number: 2400

  The proportion of foreign visitor: 18%

  Admission: specialists, students and journalists

  Exhibits Profile:

  Conference topics include turnkey systems and solutions, embedded systems, application industrial software, on-board devices, transport communication means, electronic components and modules, electrical products for the use on Russian transport facilities.

  Up-to-date systems and solutions:

  -Traffic control, Motion control systems

  -Transport automatics, signaling and communication systems

  -Navigation and safety control systems

  -Transport security and fire-extinguishing systems

  -Climate control and engineering systems

  -Ignition systems

  -Energy supply and saving systems and technologies

  -Environment protection

  -Computers for on-board and embedded systems

  -Mobile computers and notebooks

  -Measurement, testing and diagnostic tools

  -Automation, remote control

  Electronic components and modules, electrics and electric engineering:


  -Cases, racks, cabinets

  -Memory technologies

  -Signal conversion modules

  -Cables, connectors, terminal blocks

  -Displays, monitors, indicators

  -Keyboards, pointing devices

  -Power suppliers

  -Semiconductor devices, microelectronics

  -Light and sound devices

  -Electric drives

  -Storage battery, generators

  -Wireless communication devices

  About the venue: The exhibition took place on February, 20-22nd, 2007 in Moscow World Trade Center–the best congress hall in Moscow. Moscow WTC is situated in the city center on the bank of the Moscow river (12 Krasnopresnenskaya nab., Moscow, Russia).

  Moscow WTC fits with all needs and expectations of the participants due to its modern facilities, convenient location, well-developed infrastructure, ample opportunities for negotiating and establishing new contacts between suppliers and consumers.

Form 2008-02-20 to 2008-02-22
Address:12 Krasnopresnenskaya nab., Moscow, Russia
ChipEXPO is the leading Russian exhibition on electronics, microelectronics and components which is organized annually in the best Moscow exhibition complex EXPOCENTR. The 4th International exhibition on electronics, equipment, components and technologies «ChipEXPO-2006» passed successfully on 19-21 September 2006 in the exhibition complex EXPOCENTR in Moscow, Russia. More than 250 companies took part in the exhibition. 10 000 specialists visited the trade fair during its 3 working days. The business program on the important problems of the industry included the following conferences: “Contract Manufacturing in Russia” and “Russian Market of Electronic Components”. Electronic Components Fair and Job Centre were arranged at the exhibition, a lot of technical seminars and presentations were held during the event. The Anniversary 5-th International Exhibition «ChipEXPO-2007» will take place on 3-5 October 2007 in a new Pavilion 8 of the exhibition complex EXPOCENTR. In Pavilion 8 there are 3 spacious high-ceilinged exhibition halls, conference halls, conference rooms and places for holding seminars built according with the latest construction and engineering technologies. ChipEXPO exhibitions are always interesting and significant eventful trade fairs with numerous important business meetings and negotiations. ChipEXPO Exhibition Profile Semiconductors Electromechanical components and connector technology Software/hardware design technologies Displays Power suppliers PCBs and other bare boards Passive components Transformers and ferromagnetic components SHF components Special-purpose laboratory / test equipment Design and supporting systems Materials, tools, technological furniture Information / consulting services Our exhibitors – leading companies in the industry We realize unique business program We have the state and mass media official support We propose optimal conditions of participation For more details, please visit:
Form 2007-10-03 to 2007-10-05
Address:14, Krasnopresnenskaya nab., 123100, Moscow, Russia


  Organizor: JSC ChipExpo


  Show Time: 2007-9-18~2007-9-20

  Last Show report:

  Display spaces: 573 sq. m

  Total booth number: 62

  Exhibitor number: 82

  Total visitor number: 2280

  The proportion of foreign visitor: 3%

  Admission: specialists, students and journalists

  Exhibits Profile:


  -LED, OLED displays and panels

  -Plasma displays

  -Digital data and matrix indicators


  -Laser processing technologies of visualization

  -Projection equipment and systems

  -Displaying technologies for military and aerospace application

  -Electronic components for HMI systems

  -Electronic control modules

  -Innovative scientific development

  -Processing and service technologies

  -Integrated data systems service

  -E-Paper, Flexible Display

  -Display Measurement, Applied Vision and 3D Display

  About the venue: Pavilion 8 of the best Moscow exhibition complex EXPOCENTR. In Pavilion 8 there are 3 spacious high-ceilinged exhibition halls, conference halls, conference rooms and places for holding seminars built according with the latest construction and engineering technologies.

Form 2007-09-18 to 2007-09-20
Address:14, Krasnopresnenskaya nab., Moscow, Russia

  The 3rd Parenting Expo 2007 was conceptualized in response to consumer demand of today’s modern families. The target market is for those expectant parents, new families and parents of children up to five years of age. It’s the only show of its kind in Kuala Lumpur providing the perfect avenue for your business to explore unprecedented sales opportunities in high traffic environment, expand networking prospects and experience one on one interaction with thousands of consumers.

  For past exhibitors & visitors who have participated or heard about our show in the past, you may have noticed our name changed. We have changed our name from Modern Mom & Baby Fair to Parenthood Expo. Although dads & family members were always welcome at the show, we felt that the name should reflect that and be more inviting to them.

Form 2007-08-17 to 2007-08-19
Address:Mid Valley Exhibition Centre
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