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  Vietnam Comm 2007

  - Your Gateway to the Booming Vietnam ICT market -

  Vietnam Comm 2007 (the Vietnam International Communications Summit & Expo–Vietnam Wireless & Vietnam IT) will be staged in the Hanoi - Vietnam Exhibition and Fair Centre (VEFAC), from September 19-22, 2007.

  With the huge success of Vietnam Telecomp, which had just finished in September 2006, Vietnam Posts & Telecommunications Group (VNPT) and Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd, will launch its extension in Hanoi next year the same month.

  Vietnam, as one of the most promising markets in Southeast Asia, was ranked as 2nd fast growing telecom market in the world by International Telecommunication Union (ITU). Vietnam currently has 6 mobile phone networks with over 15 million subscribers. VNPT, the largest operator in Vietnam, expected the number of subscribers would increase to 21.2 million in late 2008. Further, the country is to invest US$107 million in developing the IT and communications sectors, hoping to modernize the General Statistics Office and implement electronic-governance at the city level. Amidst this rapid expansion of the ICT markets and demand towards the related products and solutions in Vietnam, Vietnam Comm is dedicated to offer a lucrative business platform to grasp the potential business opportunities.

  With the accession of WTO and the opening-up of the market, it is expected the telecom and IT, as the fastest growing sectors in the country, will definitely draw the attention of foreign investors. The most pertinent questions being concerned such as Doing Business in Competitive Environments, Application of Wireless Technology, Value Added Services, Convergence between Telecom and IT, will be addressed in the concurrent Summit. Telecom operators, equipment and services providers, world-leading enterprises will be invited to share their most innovative and latest solutions and technologies.

  Strategically located at Hanoi, which is the ICT hub of the country, congregating of the major decision makers and buyers of the industry, Vietnam Comm is a definitive meeting place for top-notch ICT equipment and service providers and buyers.

  Same as Vietnam Telecomp, Vietnam Comm has received the official support from the Ministry of Posts & Telematics (MPT) and jointly organized by Vietnam Posts & Telecommunications Group (VNPT) and Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd. With over 10 successful years of staging telecom exhibitions in Vietnam, the organizers have built up an exhaustive visitor database and comprehensive promotion solutions to facilitate exhibitors’participation.

  Vietnam Telecomp was held in HoChiMinh City in September 2006. With an exhibition area of 6,000 sqm, Vietnam Telecomp attracted 182 exhibitors from 21 countries/regions and 18,208 trade visitors from Vietnam and Asia regions. Vietnam Telecomp is highly recognized by the industry, the exhibitor survey found that 92% of responded exhibitors indicated that they have successfully enhanced their corporate image in Vietnam, and 71% of them have met with potential buyers by joining the event

Form 2007-09-19 to 2007-09-22
Address:Vietnam Exhibition and Fair Centre (VEFAC)

  The 15th International Hotel, Catering, Restaurant, Bakery, Food, Beverage and Retail Supplies Exhibition.

  Bakery Equipment and Supplies, In-house Entertainment, Communications Systems / Interior Fittings and Furnishings, Fine Dining and Table-top Products / Laundry and Cleaning, Food and Beverage / Leisure, Fitness and Health Products and Services, Franchising / Restaurant Equipment and Supplies, Front-of-House and Reservation Systems / Retail and Supermarket Equipment and Supplies, Hotel Equipment and Supplies / Wine, Spirits and Beers, Information Technology

Form 2007-09-05 to 2007-09-08
Address:Bangkok, Thailand

  Food & Hotel Malaysia series of exhibitions are synonymous with the right formula of success:

  -producing the right business mergers

  -attracting the right target audience

  -organizing dedicated conferences

  FHM series of exhibition provides the avenue for all those related in the food & beverage/hospitality industry to meet under one roof and exchange their views and opinions on what's in and what's not. Expecting more than 18,000 professional trade buyers in attendance from all over Asia, FHM 2007 is definitely making headway in the Asian market.

  Visitors who have made their way to FHM agree that it is a MUST attend event. FHM 2007 will bring you a slice of the industry pie and it would be worth every cent spent. So wait no more. SIGN UP today and get the edge you need to upstage your competitors!

  If You Have Answered YES To The Following Questions... Then You MUST Exhibit At FHM 2007 !

  -You want to meet the right decision makers from across Asia

  -You want aggressive publicity for your products and services

  -You want to be where your competitor is

  -You need a specialised exhibition that gives you the right audience and gets you the right business mergers

  -You need a dedicated organiser who will help you achieve your objectives

Form 0000-00-00 to 0000-00-00
Address:Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  16th International Food & Drinks, Hotel, Restaurant, Bakery & Foodservice Equipment, Supplies & Services. Exhibition & Conference with FHA Culinary Challenge.

  An exhibition on food and drinks, wine and spirits, catering and restaurant equipment, food and drinks processing equipment, bakery and confectionery equipment & accessories, ingredients & supplies, hotel and restaurant furnishing fixtures; amenties; management systems; supplies and services. Supported by: USDOC, Singapore Hotel Association, Indonesian Hotel & Restaurant Association, Malaysian Association of Hotels, Hotel & Restaurant Association of the Phlippines, Hong Kong Hotels Association, Singapore Chefs Association, Society of Professional Chefs (Singapore), Society of Chinese Cuisine Chefs (Singapore), World Association of Cooks Societies, Confrerie de lad Chaine des Rotisseurs Singapour, Australian Culinary Federation, Hong Kong Chefs Association, Association of Culinary Professionals, Indonesia, Bali Culinary Professionals, All Japann Cooks Association, Korea Cooks Association, Culinary Association of Malaysia, Mauritian Chefs Association, Myanmar Chefs Association, New Zealand Chefs Association, Les Toques Blanches Philippines, Chefs Guild of Sri Lanka, Taichung Chefs Association, Thai Chefs Association, Thailand Professional Culinary Guild, The Restaurant Association of Singapore, Singapore Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers & Supplier, North American Association of

Form 2008-04-22 to 2008-04-25
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